maintenance tasks

It’s no secret that spring is on its way.

And while some of you might still be viewing blankets of snow when looking out your window and may not be ready to think about spring maintenance, now truly is the time for most landlords and owners to ensure that their properties are ready for the gentle rays and rains of spring.

Here are the spring maintenance tasks you’ll need to complete to ensure you are protecting your investment from damage and unnecessary wear and tear, by properly readying your rental property for the coming season.

General Maintenance and Inspection

Annual inspections are vital to ensure tenant safety and the longevity of your property.  Ignoring a relatively small maintenance tasks can lead to thousands of dollars in repair expenses. Avoid risking a safety issue and a light pocketbook by conducting your annual maintenance and safety inspection if you have not already. This printable safety checklist for your rental property will ensure you don’t miss anything important again.

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tasks

Winter and fall storms can lead to branches, leaves, and other debris clogging foundation vents, gutters, and downspouts. Heavy winds can also be responsible for slippery grime and debris causing unsafe walkways around and leading up to your property. Check your gutters and downspout gooseneck for any accumulated gunk that can lead to a clog.

Remember a simple-to-address clog can cause a leaky roof and water damage to the exterior of the building if not, properly, addressed. Since gutters are not the only victims of debris strewn about from winter storms, be sure to clean any recessed screens by hand or with a shop vacuum.

Prevent Damage from Mold and Moisture

Winter is the perfect time for mold to build up due to the interior humidity in most buildings. Remind your tenants to check for mold or mildew within the living space of the rental, and be sure to schedule a time for you or a maintenance team member to visit the property in person and verify that there is no mold that has developed in the attic or standing water in the basement due to heavy rains.

If you find no visible mold, but do detect a musty smell, you may need a dehumidifier to ensure that no dangerous or property damaging mold can develop. If you do find mold on your property, address it quickly to prevent further damage and to prevent your tenants from experiencing any adverse health effects.

Address Spring Landscaping

Spring naturally leads to flowers so there should be no doubt in your mind that this season is the ideal time to boost your rental property’s curb appeal. Spring landscaping can include lawn aeration, overseeding, fertilization, and pruning of shrubs or trees. Early spring is also a great time for pruning flowering trees and fruit trees since they will start budding soon. Now is, of course, an ideal time to plant any perennials for added aesthetic as your tenants begin to enjoy the outdoors more and more.

Don’t forget that you have the opportunity to make it fun. To make your tenants truly feel at home, give them the ability to suggest a few of the buds you’ll be adding to the roster. For multi-family units, taking a vote on the new shrubs and flowers can entice your residents into taking a quick renter survey.

Final Thoughts

Spring maintenance tasks include a few areas where you may have to get down and dirty, but checking these simple jobs off your to-do list, can ensure that your rentals are safe and appear well-cared for–boosting your bottom line for years to come.

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