Share relevant information with your owner clients in the Rentec Direct Owner Portal. The portal offers a customizable option to display or hide tenant names, allowing you to maintain your tenant’s privacy if outlined in your owner-leasing agreement.

Some property managers choose to keep the names of their tenants private from their owner clients to protect their residents’ personal information. Rentec Direct’s newest update to the Owner Portal now allows property managers to customize the information displayed to their owner clients, including a tenant’s name. 

Rentec Direct understands that each property manager has a unique set of preferences and requirements for accommodating leasing agreements with their owner clients. A property manager may state in their owner leasing agreement that tenant information will be kept private from their owners to protect their tenants’ personal information. Rentec Direct clients can uphold this policy in their Owner Portal by choosing to display tenant names or keep that information from showing up in the Owner Portal. 

The Owner Portal continues to provide essential tools and information you and your owners rely on, such as reports on demand, work orders, and property statistics.

When can I update my Owner Portal to keep tenant names hidden?

Answer: The option to display or hide tenant names in the Owner Portal is currently available for all Rentec Direct clients with a Rentec PM subscription.

Are my owners notified about this update?

Answer: Rentec Direct does not contact owners in our clients’ accounts and we will not share any information about this update directly with your owners. You are able to send an update to your owners about changes in their Owner Portal directly.  

Are tenant names currently displayed in my Owner Portals?

When one of your owner clients logs into their portal tenant names are displayed in the property list and on the account ledger report, by default. 

Displayed Tenant Names

show tenant name in Rentec Direct Owner Portal
Rentec Direct property managers can choose whether or not a tenant’s name is displayed or kept private in the Owner Portal. In this example, the tenant names are displayed in the Owner Portal.

Hidden Tenant Names

If you would like to hide tenant names in your clients’ Owner Portals, you can update the option in your settings, as detailed below.

hide tenant name in Rentec Direct Owner Portal
Rentec Direct property managers can choose whether or not a tenant’s name is displayed or kept private in the Owner Portal. In this example, the tenant names are hidden in the Owner Portal.

Display or Hide Tenant Names in the Owner Portal 

This update has been added to Program Defaults, meaning you will only set it once to apply to current and future owners making it unbelievably simple and quick to enable.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Under Program, click on Program Defaults
  3. Under Portal Settings, change Owner Portal: Show tenants’ names? To No
  4. Click on Save Changes

This update is applied to all owners of all your properties. 

Owners: If you have any questions about accessing your Owner Portal, where to view tenant names, or using helpful features like creating reports, please contact your property manager or landlord.

Property managers: The Owner Portal is a great way to connect with your owners and give them access to important information. The Owner Portal can also save you time and take items off of your to-do list by allowing them to view their information, review reports, and even make owner contributions to provide funds to help cover unexpected expenses quickly.

If you have any questions about this new enhancement to the Owner Portal, please feel free to reach out to our Success Team or 800-881-5139.

Your owner clients can access their portal online or via the Owner Connect Mobile App.

Our goal is always to make landlords’ and property managers’ tasks simpler, quicker, and more efficient. One of the ways we accomplish this is by listening to you and your feature requests. If there is anything you would like to see added to enhance your Rentec Direct experience, please send your ideas and suggestions to

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