Online rental applications

Online rental applications give you the power to conveniently collect and organize your rental applicants’ information so you can quickly approve the most qualified tenant and fill your vacancies. 

Online applications can be part of the rental ad on your website, where prospects can directly apply to the property they are interested in. Applicants can input important information, securely attach required documents to the application (like pay stubs or copies of an ID), and pay the application fee online. 

You can also email a link to prospective tenants who call you about a property or as a follow up to those who visit the property in person. Some landlords and property managers have found it beneficial for tenants to pull up a rental application on their phone while touring a property so they can apply on-site. 

Recently, in light of social distancing requirements, online rental applications are seen as the safest way to collect applicant information, as nothing is physically exchanged between prospects and managers.

online rental application benefits

Benefits of Online Rental Applications

Safe and secure. Rental applicant data is securely collected and stored in your Rentec Direct account. 

Accurate information. The online system prevents your rental applicants from missing important areas of the application and leaving anything blank. Completely filling out the application the first time, saves you from needing to follow up with any rental applicants to find out the missing information. 

Fraud prevention. You can avoid processing fraudulent applications with an authentication process in your online rental applications which matches the credit or debit card information used to pay the application fee to the applicant information. 

Instant access to tenant screening data. When you review your rental applicant data, you have the option to order tenant screening reports directly from your software. With the push of a button, you can order credit reports, criminal background and eviction history reports, income verification reports, and other popular tenant screening reports.

Approve or deny applications. When you are ready to make an applicant a tenant, you can approve the online application, and the tenant is instantly added to your tenant database, with the option to move them into a property. You can avoid manually entering tenant data, saving you more time. 

Set Up Your Online Rental Applications

Online rental applications are part of your Rentec Pro or Rentec PM account and are included at no additional cost. You can start using your online rental applications today to help your future tenants submit important information and start the leasing process.

Instructions for creating your online rental applications can be found here: Setting Up Your Online Rental Application

If you’d like to sign up for a Rentec Direct account and start collecting rental applications online you can reach out to a product advisor at or sign up for a free 2-week trial here: Rentec Direct Property Management Software – Free Trial

More Cool Features with your Online Rental Application

Attach important files. If you need to collect pay stubs, copies of identification, pet data, or other important documents, your rental applicants can easily upload these files as attachments to the online rental application.

Customize your application. Rental application questions are completely customizable to ask applicants relevant information that complies with your federal, state and local housing laws. 

Pet Screening. Your rental applications are connected with PetScreening, a first-of-its-kind screening platform that empowers property managers to outsource their pet risk assessment and assistance animal validation processes, so you can take the guesswork (and liability) out of screening pets. 

Mobile friendly. Your rental online applications are designed to work on any device, so your future tenants can apply from their phone, tablet, or computer.

Applicant photos and social media information. If your applicant’s email address is connected to a social network, like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you will be able to quickly access their public profile information when reviewing rental applications as part of your tenant screening process.

Final Thoughts

Online rental applications give you the power to streamline your marketing efforts so you can efficiently collect information on your rental applicants in order to fill your vacancies quickly. Online tools, like rental applications, are the most secure way to safely collect applications.

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