remote rental property management

Now, more than ever, property managers and landlords can look to online solutions to manage their tenants and rental business. 

Property management software providers, like Rentec Direct, are helping landlords and property managers connect with their tenants and provide safe solutions to pay their rent, find a place to live, and access important property-related information online.

Manage your Rental Properties Remotely

Online tools for rental management give you convenient ways to fill vacancies, collect rent, and communicate with your tenants and owners. 

While the primary goal for online rental management is efficiency, we are now seeing benefits for property managers and landlords who need to protect their residents and give them ways to adhere to social distancing requirements

Let’s take a look at the best tools for online rental management. You can find all these features within a property management software program designed for landlords and property managers.

Online Property Management Tools

These tools are designed to help property managers and landlords work remotely while maintaining great relationships with their tenants as they manage their relationships online. 

Online Rent Payments

Your renters need an easy way to pay rent online through an app on their phone or computer, eliminating the need for your renters to write a check to mail or drop off in person. 

With online rent payments, your renters can securely connect their bank account to pay their rent via an electronic funds transfer (ACH payment/echeck).  Additionally, your renters have the option to pay rent with a credit or debit card. 

Online rent payments are also the most convenient method a property manager or landlord can use for tracking rent payments. Online rent payments can automatically populate into your accounts and ledgers, streamlining your accounting process. 

Online Maintenance Requests

Online maintenance requests give your renters a way to easily communicate maintenance issues to you by submitting a request and uploading a photo of the problem area. 

With an online maintenance request system in place, you can evaluate maintenance issues and determine how they will be handled, without needing to first see the issue in person. You can review requests, assign requests to vendors, and track the request while keeping your tenant informed of its progress.

Tenant Portal

A Tenant Portal is a personalized account for your renters to log in to pay their rent, submit maintenance requests, and discover property related details. They can also find copies of their lease agreement and important notices that have been shared by you to their file library. 

A Tenant Portal is an important tool for property managers and landlords who want to give their renters the easiest solution to pay rent online and receive property information from any device.

Online Rental Ads

You can streamline your marketing efforts with online rental ads that are managed in one convenient location online. Create one online rental ad for your vacant properties that gets syndicated to popular rental listing sites, like, Zillow and Trulia. 

Your future renter will be able to easily discover vacancies and learn more about you and your properties. You can even direct prospects to apply online from your rental ads without needing to meet in person. 

Online Rental Applications

Prospects can apply for your rental vacancies directly from your online rental ads with online rental applications. 

You can create a custom online rental application and even collect file attachments used for tenant screening purposes, like a copy of a driver’s license and a pay stub.

Online Lease Signing with eSignatures

Almost every tenancy requires a signed lease agreement. And online lease signing solutions give property managers and landlords an additional opportunity to conduct their business remotely. 

Online lease signing tools utilize legally binding electronic signatures for your important documents. You can create a lease agreement and send it to your tenants electronically to be reviewed and signed digitally. 

You have the ability to track the progress of your online lease execution process, so you are ready to officially welcome your tenant once the process is complete.

Instant Communication Options

Your tenants look to you for updates on how to stay safe during emergencies and what to do if they need assistance with a problem. In some cases, you will need to send important updates to all your tenants at once. You can utilize text and email features built into your property management software to streamline communication with your residents. You can create routine reminders, as well as one time messages that go out to one or all of your tenants.

Maintaining Great Landlord-Tenant Relationships

These online tools are great options for property managers and landlords who need to conduct the majority of their business remotely. You can feel confident in secure solutions offered by your property management software to help facilitate a positive landlord-tenant relationship online.

Whether you are looking for a new solution or evaluating your current property management software, consider these features to enhance your landlord-tenant relationships and help both you and residents have a positive rental experience.

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