cLOUDAs business professionals; landlords, property managers, Realtors. it is imperative that we keep our important data safe. Important data to a landlord or property manager includes; receipt of tenant’s rent payment, accounting and billing records, property maintenance records, inspection reports, and other real estate related data. Storing the data in just one place does not ensure that the data will be safe inevitably. A computer, server, or storage media device can crash, get a virus or get hacked or the machine may simply malfunction and quit working. When this happens your data may not be retrievable and important documents could be lost.

Backing up your data is a very important thing to take the time to do because no matter what happens, you will have an extra copy of all of your important documents and business information. Some data backup methods include copying the information to an external hard drive while some do an online data backup process.

Backing up to an external hard drive is effective unless both machines are located in the same office and there is a natural disaster or fire. The other weakness of using an external hard drive is that many times it requires the user (you) to have to go in and manually copy and transfer the data.

Storing data online is now recognized as the most reliable method. You can easily do this if you use online property management software, such as Rentec Direct, that hosts data storage online or “in the cloud”. This kind of software can give more privacy, locations and options to save your businesses important data securely.

  • Using Rentec Direct for data backup is secured because of the SSL encryption technology. This encryption is used to avoid the unauthorized access to your data making it completely impossible for anyone to hack the information stored online.
  •  Once your important files are uploaded the data is instantly duplicated and stored on the online data server via RAID-1 technology to ensure that it will not be lost.
  • Using an online data backup service will allow you to focus on running your business without having to; worry about information loss, or taking the time to back up data.

Once you’re using online data storage be sure to set a very strong password for your account as the weakest point in the online security chain is always the end user.