make moving easier for kids

Finding the perfect rental can be a process, but moving into one, can be a whole new ball game.

While the stress of moving can be mitigated with some proper planning and clever moving tips, it is still always a bit stressful on everyone involved. This can be especially true if you are in the process of moving with children. Since kids don’t have much control in the moving process, and they can sense a general feeling of stress throughout the move, it can be a difficult adjustment for children.

Happily, while you may not be able to eliminate the difficulties altogether, you can use some simple tricks to make the process smoother. Making moving easier for kids just requires a little extra planning and a small bit of creativity along the way. This infographic shows you how.


moving with kids


Make Moving An Adventure:

Approach the moving process with excitement; don’t present it as a burden. Kids will naturally take their cue from you. Talk about the new experiences that moving brings, and ask your children what they think could be the most fun part. Opt to sleep together in sleeping bags in the living room on your first night, or make a fort with the boxes, promising a fun aspect of moving can make kids all the more excited to join in.

Let Kids Come to Open Houses:

If the option is open to you, let kids come to open houses. Discuss what features you are looking for in a home that would enjoy looking for in the options (big backyard for instance).

Let Them Map Out Their New Room:

Children can feel powerless during the moving process, give them extra autonomy by allowing them to map out their new room with your help.

Show Kids Nearby Areas of Interest:

Whether you’re moving far away, or simply moving across town, showing kids the nearby features of interest makes the change exciting. A park or ice cream shop are perfect places to visit before the move is final.

Bring Healthy Snacks:

Moving is exhausting for adults, but it can bring a lot of unknowns for kids. Don’t add a case of the “hangries” to the mix.  Bring healthy snacks for kids to enjoy.

Let Kids Decorate Moving Boxes:

Keep children occupied by letting them decorate their moving boxes. This allows them to feel more secure that their stuff will be easy to find, and makes packing fun!

Keep a Box of Special Items for Your Kids:

Just as you should have a box of your necessities always with you, keep a small box of special items to your kids. A favorite toy will give comfort in a new space.

Make Sure Everyone Gets Enough Sleep:

When tensions are high and sleep is scarce, it can be easy for adults to get frazzled. This is especially true when those difficulties are compounded with interacting with tired and grumpy children. Make sure everyone gets enough sleep. It may seem like an impossible task when on a deadline, but sleep will allow adults more patience and mean fewer meltdowns from kids.

Final Thoughts

Moving doesn’t have to be a traumatic or difficult experience. Keeping children abreast of your plans, giving them an appropriate amount of autonomy and helping them to make the moving process fun can be all it takes to make moving easier for kids. Before you know it, you will be settled into your new place ready to decorate and call it home.

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