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Landlord-tenant relationships can require some navigation, as anyone who has been a renter, manager, or landlord knows. From legal rights to proper communication, it is important to understand just how to approach common situations for the best possible outcomes. You can find some articles I’ve written on themes surrounding this topic for is is a national internet listing service (ILS) that enables renters to find rental properties online. It is free to search and contains one of the largest inventories of trusted listings across the US. If you are Rentec Direct client, your rental listings will automatically post to through the rental listing syndication network. also has one of the best real estate and rental related blogs in the industry, where they share tips, trends, and industry news. I have been honored to contribute to the community and share some of my knowledge with their awesome audience.

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Keeping it Cool: Tenant and Landlord Responsibilities for Air Conditioning

summer heat air conditioning rights

Summer continues to heat up, especially in certain regions of the country, so air conditioning may be top of mind for some. In this piece, I explore tenant rights and landlord responsibilities when it comes to air conditioning. Here’s the rub: every state is different. It’s a lot more complicated that you might think to keep cool. Check out the complete article here:

5 Ways to Avoid a Rent Increase

rent increase for

No one wants to pay more than he or she has to for rent. I outline the the best ways for renters to avoid a rent increase from their landlord in this article. Here’s a hint: plan ahead, communication and think things through. Check out the entire article:

Bad Landlord or Bad Tenant?

bad tenant or bad landlord

Keeping a roof over your head is essential, and the last thing you want is to have that security put at risk because you can’t get along with your landlord.  Wondering if it is your fault or theirs? Need help with a sticky situation? Check out the handy tips to help you evaluate common challenges in this article:

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