Spring Property Maintenance

The first day of spring means beautiful blooms and sunny days ahead, but for landlords and property managers, spring also brings spring maintenance tasks for your rental properties. Be sure you have checked these important chores off of your to-do list to ensure your rentals look their best and operate smoothly year-round.

Looking out your window may not show it, but the calendar says spring is just around the corner. As those first rays of sunshine signal true spring weather, there’s no better time to start thinking about caring for your rental property.

Now is the perfect time to start any spring maintenance for your rental properties to ensure that you’ve accomplished all those important tasks before spring fever truly hits. Complete these must-do spring to ready your property to ensure your rental is ready As your tenants gather outside more frequently to enjoy the sunshine, and as those spring blooms come calling.

Annual Property Maintenance To-Dos:


    It’s vital to have your property’s heating system inspected, serviced and cleaned annually at a minimum (if not every alternating season). During the cold winter season, your tenants likely had the heating system working hard, now is the time to extend the life of your furnace by attending to proper maintenance. This can postpone an expensive replacement. Now is an excellent time to remind your tenants to change their air filters if they have not yet. These inexpensive maintenance tasks that can prevent major HVAC problems.


    Your property’s roof is a huge investment. Have a certified roofing professional inspect your roof. Even slight damage can lead to water exposure and deterioration leaving your plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems vulnerable.

Spring-Specific Property Maintenance Tasks:

Check The Gutters

You already know to clean your gutters in the fall, but it’s important to clean your gutters before and after the wet seasons. After all, winter storms can bring along loose debris. Check your gutters and the downspout gooseneck for any gunk that can lead to a clog. Simply force lose debris out with a garden hose to prevent a clogged gutter that leads to a leaky roof and water damage to the exterior of the building.

Clean Foundation Vents

Gutters are not the only victims of debris strewn from winter storms; foundation vents can also need addressing. These (generally) recessed screens become the perfect catch-all for leaves, twigs, and other organic materials throughout the fall and winter season. Simply clean the vents by hand or with a shop vacuum.

Address Moisture Buildup

You know that winter and moisture go hand-in-hand, but don’t forget that the child of this coupling can be mold or mildew on your property. Remind your tenants to check for any mold that can build up in the winter from interior humidity. Visit the property yourself and verify that there is no mold growth due to heavy rains causing small puddles in the attic or basement; if you’re met with a musty smell, you may need a dehumidifier to ensure that no dangerous or property damaging mold can develop. If you do find, address it quickly.

Boost that Curb Appeal

Spring is in the air, and flowers are in bloom. Make the best of this with some good old-fashioned landscaping. Spring landscaping can include lawn aeration, overseeding, fertilization, and pruning of shrubs or trees. Early spring is also a great time for pruning flowering trees and fruit trees since they will start budding soon. And, of course, now is the perfect time to plant those eye-catching perennials to ensure your tenants will have an appealing spot to enjoy the sunshine.

Rental maintenance tasks may be a chore, but completing them property each season will protect your investment. Preventing structural damage, saving energy, and keeping the property’s systems running properly are all benefits of attentive property maintenance.

And ensuring that your property looks appealing and works efficiently, will guarantee that your renters will take notice of your attention to the space they live.