New Tenant Success TipsWhile your tenants may love the renter perks of a low maintenance household, they still need to remember the basic care instructions of keeping a home clean and looked after.

Landlords will find success by providing their renters with tools and friendly reminders of what it takes to be a great renter. A great renter will follow lease terms, complete tenant required maintenance and pay their rent in full and on time each month.

The best way to ensure a renter will take care of the property as if it were their own is to remind them what is at stake if they do not.

  1. Their Security Deposit:
    Often times, a security deposit is a hefty chunk of change for a renter. I personally have looked forward to the thousand dollar payout (or payback, really) from my property manager each time I move apartments.

    Unfortunately, only one out of four of renters get their full security deposit refunded due to the routine repairs and cleaning required to return the property to its pre-lease condition.To help your renters keep a clean and well-maintained household, remind them about their security deposit throughout the lease term.

    Example: “It’s time to change your air filter. Remember if you fail to do this every 30 days, and the HVAC system gets damaged, you could have to pay for the repair out of your security deposit.”

  2. An Eviction:
    The worst case scenario for a renter who does not follow the rules of a property, including maintenance requirements, can mean an eviction.If your tenant regularly violates any property rules or lease terms be sure to notify them of your intent to move forward with a lease termination and eviction if they don’t change their behavior.

    DO NOT THREATEN YOUR TENANTS – threatening is illegal in most states. I am suggesting that you follow your state’s rental laws about how to legally inform your tenants that an eviction is a very real possibility if they do not follow lease terms.

To further help you encourage a great and successful renter experience at your property, we created a helpful sheet to provide your tenants. The New Tenant Success Tips gives simple tips for caring and maintaining your rental property. This success guide can be printed out and given to your renters at move in.

To view or download the New Tenant Success Tips click here.


This tip sheet includes general rental guidelines that every renter should follow to successfully maintain a property -and get their security deposit back- with details on:

  • How often to change an air filter
  • What to do during freezing temperatures to prevent pipes bursting
  • How to prevent pests and bug infestations
  • Keep appliances working properly
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Why Renters Insurance is a good idea
  • Respect the neighbors

To view or download the New Tenant Success Tips click here.

You are given additional space to include more information you find relevant to your rental property. You can tell your renters what day trash pick is or the dates of any seasonal inspections. You can also write out important rent payment information and details about how to contact you or the property manager.

Landlords already have too much to do without needing to babysit their renters. Simple reminders about what it takes to be a great renter, even if it sounds like common sense to you, will help your tenants actually follow the lease terms they agreed to. It is easier to provide your renter with a fun list of success tips at the beginning of the lease term than to need to constantly call them to tell them to stop overloading the washing machine.

Providing welcome paperwork to your tenants is a simple way to re-introduce yourself and the property rules while giving your renters an easy reference to the lease terms you both agreed to about renting your property.

Want to stay on top of all your rental property maintenance? Check out this free ebook that gives you a season-by-season look at maintenance tasks to keep your property in tip top shape and your tenants happy.

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