best employee perks

With Spring in full bloom, and those warm Summer months just ahead there’s no better time to be thinking about employee appreciation and incentives.

The warm months provide the perfect excuse to get outdoors and treat your employees and their families to an appreciation event. While every industry risks turnover and should be cognizant of employee morale, property managers and landlords need to pay especially close attention to ways to improve company culture and reduce turnover rates. A 2008 industry survey by the National Multifamily Housing Council revealed an employee turnover rate within the apartment property management field of 36.1 percent. In comparison, the retail industry has an average turnover of only around 27 percent, according to the NMHC.

When leasing season causes extra stress, there’s no better time to remind your employees that you love having them as part of your team. These five employee perks range from big to small ways to say thank you to your hard-working team.

Party or Family BBQ

Perhaps the most obvious and easiest way to celebrate your team’s contributions to the company is to host a party. Spring and Summer make this easy and cost-effective to do. Host a casual BBQ or family fun fair at your local park. Hire a few food trucks for easy clean-up, or designate a few pitmasters to man the grill and serve hot dogs and hamburgers. Don’t forget lawn games and face painting for the kids. You can also go big with a raffle or race with prizes.

If a weather-contingent party seems too stressful, opt for an indoor activity. Bowling, reserving a party room at a local restaurant, or simply bringing drinks and music into the office are lower-key ways to celebrate that will still be appreciated by your team. Most of all, remember to leave work conversations back at the desk. This is a time to encourage your team to leave office stressors behind, strategizing and office talk can be left for another day.

Catered Lunch

Free food is always appreciated and is often requires the least coordinating to accomplish. If a large party with many moving parts seems like too much to manage, consider offering a catered lunch to your team. You can keep it simple by ordering pizza for a team lunch or step it up with a taco bar catered by your favorite Mexican restaurant. Whether you have it delivered or designate a lunch pick-up person, everyone will be sure to enjoy a day free from brown-bagging their lunch.

While you may not be able to cater to everyone’s specific food preferences, it can be helpful to be conscientious of allergies whenever possible. A one-time lunch event will certainly be a hit, but consider if you have the budget for weekly or monthly catered lunches. This is an employee perk that will be quiet attractive for incoming applicants and can be a huge morale booster for current employees. Thankfully, its benefits reach far beyond the lunchroom, since this casual gathering will naturally encourage a more cohesive community among your team. Plus, if you work with a few local restaurants regularly, you may be able to strike up a deal for a group discount.


There may be few employee perks that are enjoyed more than getting an unexpected cash bonus around the holidays. But why wait until then? Spring and Summer months are often the time that your hard-working employees take weekend getaways, and a little extra spending money is always appreciated. If handing out large amounts of cash is unrealistic, you can still garner a wow-factor by presenting it creatively– check out these great ideas for giving cash on BuzzFeed. A fun delivery system makes it easy to stick to small bills while still showing thoughtfulness and genuine appreciation.

Summertime Presents

If your management company requires employees to wear a branded uniform, why not go the extra mile during the next order, and purchase a few presents for your team? Branded water bottles, frisbees, beach balls, and other summer fun items can be an easy low-cost present for your team members. Plus, any extra items can make great prizes for renters during your next resident event.

Family Day or Extra Vacation Day

Time is precious for all your employees, if there is a time that is notorious for being a slow period, consider giving your employees the day off to spend with their families. Anyone with school-aged children will certainly love having a bonus day off to spend with their kids during summer or spring break, and those without children will likely won’t complain about an extra day off as well.

If letting the whole office day a day off at once is unrealistic, consider dropping a day or a few extra hours into your employees’ vacation bucket. A whole day will certainly be a well-received gift, but even a few extra hours can give your employees valuable time with their families or to tend to important appointments. No amount of additional vacation hours will go unnoticed and unappreciated.

Hosting and events or gifts for employees that celebrate and appreciate success when goals are me,t or just letting them blow off steam and have fun can go a long way toward building a company culture. Little presents can seem unexciting in comparison, but that’s no reason to not show your employees how much you care. Small or big perks can all serve to increase retention and boost overall enjoyment within your team.