Decorating Your Office

Decorating your office may not be high on your list of priorities, but just like the clothes you wear, your office can say a lot about you both professionally and personally.

Keeping your office well-decorated and organized sends the message that you pay attention to details and don’t let things get out of control. An office decorated appropriately can also boost your productivity and create a more relaxing environment to spend your day, and when you are a property manager who has to deal with renter horror stories, sometimes a relaxing respite in your office is just what you need.

Add Some Greenery

office decor succulents

Decorating your office with greenery is a great way to add texture and a dynamic feel to an otherwise sterile tech-focused environment. Just as a living room benefits from decor that takes your focus away from the television, your office will benefit from organic elements that redirect the eye from any electronics (like your computer) and simultaneously make the space feel more inviting. Additionally, studies have shown that adding greenery to your workspace can boost productivity–and that’s a decor option we can all get behind.

Opt for Industry- Related Decor

house bud vase office decor


Show off your love for your industry by decorating your office with housing-related objects. Items like house-shaped vases or votives. Not only will these objects add an additional dimension to your space–particularly when styled on a desk or bookshelf–but they will be a fun nod to your industry and narrow your decor search enough to make it less overwhelming.

Bring in Some Personality

Your office is yours, so don’t hesitate to display a few sentimental items or photos of your family. After all, you spend a good portion of your day in an office; it simply makes sense that you would want to let your personality shine. Remember, however, to always do this in a way that is appropriate to your work environment. Photos of yourself or friends at parties with clearly displayed alcohol, posters or decor with overtly proselytizing messages, or any other questionable item should be left at home.

Showcase the Fun

resident event apartment party

You likely know the advantages of hosting resident events and host them at some point throughout the year. Whether you host regular resident events or simply have an annual BBQ so your renters can get to know your team in a more casual environment, there is no better time to take a photo for social media advertising and to put up in your property management office. If your team has won any awards, or has been featured in the local news, displaying these awards or articles can boost clients’ perception of your authoritative influence in the industry. Showcasing all the best features of your working with your team can serve to entice any potential clients or tenants that stop by. Plus it adds character to your walls. Win-win.

Put Your Reading on Display

decorate with books

Books heighten the warmth and sophistication in a room. All good things. You likely have some industry-specific books that have been on your list to get to at “some point” take this opportunity to purchase them and put them on a styled bookshelf in your office. Not only have you provided yourself with an easy and practical decor option, but you now can ensure that you have your ‘to be read’ list on-hand for a slow day. Keep in mind, books on business, investing, and property management may not have the most beautiful binding or covers. If you want to boost the aesthetic of your collection while keeping your reading material industry-specific, consider purchasing uniform book covers for added elegance.

Final Thoughts

Decorating your office doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. Following a few simple strategies can make all the difference. In a world where professionalism is key, we certainly know that first impressions matter. Convey the best message possible with your property management office decor to ensure that at every turn, your current owners and potential clients get the message that you are an authority in your industry.

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