5 Types of Minimalist Design

Minimalism as a decor choice and a lifestyle pursuit is growing like wildfire. As more and more subscribe to the trend of living simply, it’s easy to put all minimalists under the same design umbrella. However, like every decor trend, there are different branches of the same premiss. If you’re a minimalist at heart (or want to become one) find out what flavor resonates most with your lifestyle.

Aesthetic-Minded Minimalists:

aethstetic-minded minimalist

Perhaps the most predominant form of minimalism that is on the rise today, is minimalism that boasts simply of a clean aesthetic. Let’s face it, clutter isn’t pretty. Decorating, tidying and general living are more complicated when stuff abounds. This is why clean lines, white walls, and few belongings have become such a coveted decor trend in the last few years.

From Instagram to popular decor blogs, it’s hard to escape the popularity of the desire for minimalist decor. And while some hard-core proponents of the minimalist lifestyle may not find that home styling is the noblest of reasons to pursue the goal of less, those only in it for the looks often find a few other unexpected benefits.




When everyone is attempting to keep up with “The Joneses” there is no wonder that waste, debt, and clutter can overtake our lives. Eco-minimalists see the benefit of acquiring less to ensure that fewer items end up in the trash piles later.  Eco-minimalists seek to reduce their household’s footprint, and while they may enjoy the other benefits that a minimalist lifestyle can bring– their primary focus is on the overall environmental impact that their lifestyle has in the big picture.


Efficiency Minimalists:

efficiency minimalists

Drowning in clutter can take a lot out of your day. Whether it’s due to the actual time you must spend physically cleaning and organizing, or the emotional drain of feeling overwhelmed in your living space–there’s no doubt that excess can be a huge strain on your energy levels. Efficiency minimalists know this and try to eliminate this problem before it starts.

The main goal of the efficiency minimalist is to ensure that valuable time is reserved for more important matters in life. Whether these other aspects are entrepreneurial endeavors, family-time, mediation, or–in the case of famous organization guru Marie Kondo–seeking joy, these pursuers of less seek it out of a desire for more of other things in life.


Treasurer Minimalists

Treasurer Minimalist

Sometimes a branch of the eco-minimalist bunch, these treasure-seekers look for quality over quantity above all else. Sometimes an accidental minimalist, this diverse group can range from thrift-store junkies to high-end seekers, but all have one goal in common–to acquire a few of the best pieces possible and pass on excess items that can muddle their collection. Less is more to this sect of minimalism, and those that practice it seek to only have the essentials, and have less, but better items in their possession.


Furniture-Free Minimalists

furniture-free kids room

Health gurus and body mechanists alike fall into this realm of minimalism, and the search for a back-to-nature lifestyle can make this group the most minimalist of all. While most minimalists share the common thread of having fewer belongings, fitness-focused minimalists take this a step further with the furniture-free movement.

Whether the reasoning is to live more like a caveman, or to live in a manner that encourages better biomechanics, proponents of this method of homemaking, have abandoned their plush recliners, tall dining room tables, and moved their beds to the floor. Furniture-free living may not seem like the most comfortable decor arrangement for a household, but its followers suggest that it’s the most effective way to get in those daily squats and body movements that many normally pay to go to a gym for. This brand of minimalist lifestyle may seem a bit sparse for many, but it’s not impossible–I even tried it for a week!


Minimalism may all settle under the same overarching idea of having less, but it certainly has its share of variety. Finding out what style of minimalist you aspire to be can help you achieve your decorating goals more easily–lending you the advantage of having a home that compliments your lifestyle ideals.


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