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Being a college student or a newly-wed or simply someone who often changes apartments for some reason or is planning to do so in the near future, it can be difficult to feel at home in your new apartment, especially since it’s not really yours. However, the circumstances have taught us we need to adjust and overcome our inconveniences and this one is no exception. There are a number of things you can do in order to feel at home in your new place as soon as possible. The first one is not beating yourself up about not feeling at home. Consider your process of adaptation a challenge and embrace it boldly. We’ll help you out a bit with a few tips to speed up the process.

Clean it up

Depending on the state of the apartment, you’ll need a certain level of thoroughness when it comes to cleaning. Despite the fact that it may even look pristine, you never know who lived there before you and how hard they tried to cleanse the place. Moreover, once you make sure everything is clean up to your own standards and with your own hands, the space will start feeling more familiar.

Unpack everything

Regardless of how tedious and horrifying the idea of unpacking may sound, it’s one of the first things you need to do after moving in. The longer those boxes stay on the floor, the longer you’ll feel as if you’re not actually living in that apartment. So, get to work. Unpack everything and find a place for all your things. It’s a fresh start and you shouldn’t start living in chaos. Organize your things the way it feels most comfortable and you’ll instantly feel better once those boxes are out.

Declutter ruthlessly

It’s best if you don’t think about the previous tenants. This is why you should get rid of everything that belonged to them. In case they left some things behind, just throw them out. You don’t need the clutter or a reminder that this used to be someone else’s home. Throw away everything your landlord allows you to. Even if they won’t let you get rid of some things, just pack them in a bag and throw them in a closet or somewhere far from sight.

Indulge yourself

To make your new home even more inviting, consider indulging in a dream piece of furniture or decor item that you’ve always wanted for your dream home. It should be something new that is going to make you happy every day and ease your transition to a new apartment. For instance, many people spend years sleeping in an uncomfortable bed and dream of finding the perfect bed, that is just the right amount of soft and firm, perfect for restoring all your energy during the night. Of course, it can be anything else, like buying a Sony PlayStation or a cool swing for the balcony if it’s big enough.

Make some changes

For both familiarizing and hygienic reasons, you should get a new shower curtain, soap holders, sanitizers and bath rugs. New sponges, detergent liquids and other similar equipment should be introduced to the kitchen, as well. You should also replace some items that don’t cost a lot of money such as coffee and tea holders, table cloths, flower cups and anything else you find cute or more suitable for your new home.

Personalize the space

Make sure to bring more than just the essentials. You need the things that define you and make you feel comfortable and happy. They’re different from person to person. Some have plush toys, other have pillows. Some would like to put their favorite book collection inside the new place, while others like to put posters on the wall or framed photos of their friends and family. Regardless of what that may be for you, it’s essential that you take that step and start to get attached to your new place.

Make memories

Apart from all your efforts, you’ll still catch yourself reminiscing about amazing moments you had in your previous apartments. They will always make you feel nostalgic and a bit gloomy, but the way to lower the effect is simply by making new memories. Start by throwing a moving-in party and invite everyone dear to you. That way, you’ll start living in a place where you laugh and enjoy time with your loved ones.

All things considered, getting accustomed to your new home is not a process that happens overnight. It takes time and effort and it’s not as easy as it may seem. However, if you follow these tips, you’ll be able to adjust more quickly and more painlessly. The trick is to keep doing things that make you happy inside your new apartment. Enjoy spending time there, and finally, things will just happen on their own.

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