Deep Clean RentalCleaning can be a quite a chore–literally. While you may not be looking forward to the task of deep cleaning your rental, it truly is necessary.

If you’re moving out of your current rental and want to ensure your security deposit’s safe return, or you are moving into a new place and are not positive about the hygiene of the previous tenants, these products will help you make sure your place is fresh and sparkling clean in no time.

Pay attention property managers and landlords. These are excellent tips to share with your renters in order to help them get their full security deposit refunded and maintain your property at the same time!

Deep Cleaning Must-Haves

  1. Magic Eraser
    True to the name, these spongy products come pre-filled with a cleaning agent that is widely regarded as unmistakably magical. They are capable of removing grime from grout and permanent marker from walls.  Touted by many as the best way to remove impossible stains, these products are a must for bathrooms and kitchens that need a lot of love.
  2. Steam Mop
    If your kitchen or bathroom floors have hard to clean dirt, a steam mop can help release that stuck-on grime and sanitize at the same time. While it’s true that a steam mop would be a bigger investment than a standard sponge mop, they are a cleaning gift that keeps on giving.
  3. Cheap Electric Toothbrush
    Some small groves can only be truly cleaned with a small brush and a good scrubbing. If you have a few too many areas like this, try purchasing an inexpensive battery powered toothbrush to reach the grit that has accumulated in areas by the base of cabinets and under molding.
  4. Carpet Freshener
    Nothing hints towards uncleanliness quite like an unpleasant smell. If you have had pets in your rental or detect other odors sprinkle some carpet freshener before vacuuming. A fresh smell goes a long way to make a space feel clean and well prepared.
  5. Can of Caulk & Scraper Tool:
    At first glance, these may not seem like a deep-cleaning product, but if your bathroom’s caulking has seen much better days, trust me on this one. Don’t fight a losing battle against a ghastly mold and soap scum problem. Eliminate the issue completely by scraping it off and replacing it with new caulking entirely. This simple task will brighten a dingy bathroom in no time.
  6. Carpet Cleaner
    Whether you rent one from a local vendor, borrow one from a friend, or purchase your own, be sure you get access to a carpet cleaner to remove any excess odors, stains, or dirt that may have accumulated during tenancy. Nothing can freshen up a room with wall-to-wall carpeting better than removing the dinginess that comes from day-to-day use.
  7. Bleach
    A mundane and seemingly obvious choice, but still very necessary to mention. While I prefer more natural solutions for day-to-day cleaning, sometimes a little bleach is just what a bathroom needs. Pour a small cap-full in toilet bowls, or use it to remove light mold spots on shower walls. Be sure to ventilate any areas where you are utilizing bleach and don’t mix it with other cleaners you may be using.
  8. Scrub Brush
    Having a scrub brush (or two) on hand is vital for cleaning grime that needs a little extra elbow grease; just remember not to use these in most showers or bathtubs because they could scratch the fiberglass.
  9. Soft Sponges
    Purchase a few soft sponges for cleaning less demanding areas, as well as fixtures that could be scratched by scrub brushes.
  10. Window Cleaner
    In all the time spent on cleaning hard to reach areas, and the flooring, don’t forget to give the windows and mirrors some extra love. Now that the whole space is clean, make sure it sparkles by using newspaper [to prevent streaking or leaving behind lint fuzzies] and window cleaner on windows, mirrors, and stainless steal appliances.

Regardless of whether you are cleaning up before handing over the keys to your current rental, or are ensuring that your new place will be germ and grime free from the start, these products will guarantee your ability to vanquish dirt and built-up scum from every area of your rental, and hopefully make the process just a little less difficult.

Did we miss any must-haves? Help your fellow cleaning bugs out and let us know the best tools in the comments!

Cleaning is a fun task if you don’t have to stress about it. Blast some tunes, pull out these top cleaning supplies and get to work!