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Moving in with your significant other is a special time in your life that requires months of planning and prepping for the big day.

While sitting down with your partner and deciding what color you want to paint the walls and planning your housewarming party is fun, you may miss crucial moving steps in the process. If you’re moving a long distance, returning home to retrieve forgotten items can be a hassle; this can be especially true if you are starting a new job, or unable to take time to go back for what’s missing.

In order to avoid missing any details, take extra care to discuss packing and the process leading up to actually moving in. There are a few ways to prevent missing items or forgetting details while moving, and most revolve around the communication you have with your partner and your combined organization skills.

Sort Through Your Belongings

Whether you are currently living at home, alone, or with roommates, you have probably put together an impressive collection of furniture, clothing, and decor that you will be bringing with you on the move. You may come to find that you don’t need everything you own, and taking the time to pack and move the items will be more of an inconvenience in the long run.

To start, make a checklist with your partner deciding what kind of items you want/need in your new place, categorizing by room. This will help when you are choosing what to keep and what to donate.

Spend a weekend going through each home and sorting your things into piles depending on where you’d like them to go. Keep in mind that with a new place, comes a time for new pieces. There’s no sense in keeping furniture and decor from college when you can create a new and unique style that reflects your relationship!

Donate any clothes you don’t plan on wearing, as well as semi-used furniture. Check in with any friends and family members to see if anyone wants to shop for items from your “giveaway” pile, you may have the piece someone has been looking for. Any items that are left on your checklist are safe to purchase, and possibly be shipped to your new home for the day you move in. This allows for less labor for your moving team, as well as the excitement of new furniture to supplement your new life.

It’s difficult to decide what items are necessary to purchase now, and what pieces should be saved for and bought at a more convenient time. Spending additional time to browse different home sites, like this one here, and saving up for durable and comfortable furniture items, would allow you and your significant other to be confident in the items you are bringing into your home. Keep in mind that frequently used items like sectional couches and coffee tables need to be higher quality to support everyday use, and potential get-togethers.

Packing Up

It is important to have a specific spot where the moving truck will pick up your belongings to avoid unnecessary driving that may cost you extra. If you’re able to combine a majority of items in one place (clothing, small furniture item, etc.) at your own pace, the day of the actual move will be quick and painless.

Combine like items in color-coded bins, or labeled boxes so you can easily identify them when you are unpacking. This packing hack will help when you need to differentiate what belongs to you and what belongs to your partner, like clothing items that will need to be separated when you unpack. In order to make move-in day a little less stressful, group everyday items together and clearly label the box, so you aren’t rushing around the days following your move.

You will also need to wrap and protect any furniture being taken to prevent scratches and damage during the move. Usually heavier and larger items are placed in the back of the truck. If you find you don’t have time to prep your furniture will bubble wrap, grab some old blankets and sheets to cover your items, in order to prevent damage. If you hire a moving company to help, ask to see if they will bring blankets or other materials to wrap your furniture.

The Day of the Move

The day of the move has potential to be stressful and nerve-wracking. Be sure to have everything checked off your checklist the days leading up the move, so you have nothing to do the day-of except transport the items from one spot to another. Plan to start loading the moving truck early, so you have all day to modify or deal with complications that come up.

It’s a good idea to wake up before the moving truck’s arrival, have breakfast, and spend some moments with your partner before the craziness starts. You want to have a moving day that you reflect on as positive, and smooth. Being up and active will bring energy to the process, and you’ll find moving to be more fun than a chore.

If friends and family are coming to help move, be ready for their arrival and show them you are prepared for a fun day will set the overall mood. Your moving party will love any drinks and snacks you provide throughout the day, and don’t forget about the moving company. It’s a simple gesture but makes everyone feel comfortable and fueled throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Taking the next step in your relationship and moving into together is a moment to celebrate, not stress over. While moving has the potential to be stressful, communication, organization and day-of planning will help ease the tension and set you up for success. With your partner, make a list of items you want to have and keep in your new home, consolidate and downsize things you both own or no longer need.  Stay organized in your packing, label items, and keep a box handy of items will you want on that first day (I’m looking at you, toilet paper and soap!). When it comes to moving day, start early and feed your helpers to keep everything going smoothly and feeling happy. And finally, don’t forget to celebrate this awesome day with pizza and champagne (or sparkling cider) among the boxes!

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