tenant turnover

Before renting your property to a new tenant, there are a few essential steps you need to complete for a smooth tenant turnover. It’s your legal responsibility to provide a comfortable, healthy and safe living environment to your tenants, which often entails performing some essential repairs and upgrades. Aside from meeting all the legal requirements, you will also be able to increase the value of your rental and attract a responsible and reliable tenant.

Identify and deal with possible maintenance issues

After your previous tenant moves out, you need to perform an inspection of your property. There are probably numerous maintenance issues you need to take care of. Fixing them right away will prevent them from turning into major problems that can damage your property. It’s essential that your electrical installations, plumbing and other systems and appliances function properly.

Update the locks for security

Although your tenants are required to return the keys after they move out, you still need to change the locks. They might have made a few additional copies of the key without you being aware of it.  This is an essential security measure that will keep your new tenant and your property safe while also protecting you from legal liability.

Create a fresh, clean environment

Even if your previous tenant left your property in a pristine condition, you should still clean and freshen up your rental. Whether you decide to hire a cleaning crew or tackle the cleaning chores on your own, you need to ensure proper hygiene levels in your rental. You should also consider applying a fresh coat of paint for a sense of novelty. Opting for a new hue can give your space a lovely look instantly.

Pay attention to lighting

Installing proper lighting can help you create an enjoyable, comfortable atmosphere in your rental. By simply introducing additional lighting fixtures, you can truly style up your rental and appeal to new tenants. Keep in mind that each room has a different purpose and requires different lighting. For example, when you light a living room, you should implement solutions that will make it both comfortable and functional.

Update the bathroom

Giving your bathroom an uplift will not only appeal to your tenants, but also enable you to set a higher rental price. Your tenants will definitely look for a functional, stylish and squeaky clean bathroom, so investing in a few upgrades will definitely pay off. Modern bathrooms feature a spa-inspired look and a soothing atmosphere. Creating such a bathroom will truly delight your tenants. You can keep the design simple and elegant, implementing a few expensive-looking details, such as new hardware, elegant lighting, etc. If your rental has a small bathroom, you should also consider introducing space-saving units. For instance, stylish and modern small baths are the perfect solution for spa-inspired bathrooms with limited floor space. Installing one in your bathroom will help you free up some space and create a spa ambience that your next tenant will adore.

Style up the kitchen

You should also introduce a few changes in the kitchen since this is another important area your tenants will pay attention to. A functional, minimalist kitchen design with enough storage solutions will provide your new tenant with everything they need. You can make a few changes to give your kitchen a new look. For instance, you can install functional recessed lighting, design a feature wallpapered wall or change the fixtures. In addition, make sure that all the kitchen appliances are functioning properly.

Discuss the rules openly

You need to keep in mind that tenants are looking for the perfect landlord just as you’re searching for a dream tenant. You need to establish a respectful, honest relationship with your new tenant so that both of you can be happy and satisfied with each other. Therefore, it’s essential that you go over all the formalities and rules and be honest about what you expect from them. In addition, you need to be open-minded and consider whether making a few compromises might be helpful in some cases. You should have open and honest communication with your new tenant from the start.

Present the lease

A sound and direct lease agreement will protect you from any legal liabilities and ensure that both you and your new tenant follow all the rules and regulations. It’s essential that you go over the lease with your new tenant before they sign it. This will provide them with an opportunity to ask any questions they might have. You can make certain changes to the agreement or some stipulations if your tenant has some additional or special requests you can accommodate.

Welcome them properly

Finally, once you sign the lease and your tenant moves in, you should greet them properly. Whether you do it in person or you leave a welcome letter, this simple gesture can help you establish a stronger relationship with your tenant. You can use this occasion to tell them more about the neighborhood and nearby stores and explain how they can reach you when needed.

For a smooth, successful tenant turnover, you need to prepare your rental first. Investing in a few upgrades can be quite profitable in the long run, especially if you want to appeal to your dream tenants.

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