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Rentec Direct’s Brentnie Daggett is a regular contributor to Housecall, the official blog of RISMedia, which covers real estate news that spans the gamut of the industry. RISMedia has been a leader in the real estate industry for 34 years, and also publishes the popular Real Estate magazine and several other specialty publications. You’ll most often find Brentnie sharing seasonal tips that homeowners and property managers can use to keep their properties in tip-top shape, no matter the time of year.

Property Safety over the Holidays

Brentnie recently wrote about property safety and security during the holiday season, when many people are traveling for the holidays and more. In the piece, she outlines several tips for owners and managers to stay worry-free.

Here are some simple steps you can take to protect your property while you enjoy your vacation without worry:

  • Get help from neighbors who are willing to keep tabs on, and even help maintain, your home or property that you manage that will be left vacant during holiday travels.
  • Don’t broadcast your absence on social media – studies have shown that between 70 and 80 percent of burglars are using social media to find potential targets.
  • Leave the lights on – and off – by investing in a timer to program a schedule for a light or two to turn on and off during your absence. It will make your property seem less abandoned.
  • Protect your pipes if you live in a cold climate. Frozen and broken pipes can cause a world of hurt, both with water damage and cost.
  • Update your insurance to make sure that you are protected against any unforeseen damage. If you are a property manager, then encourage your renters to invest in renters insurance to make sure their belongings are protected as well.

Brentnie concludes that “With some simple precautions in place, your property will be set up for safety, and you can spend your holiday season focusing on what really matters” – your friends and family.  For the complete article with detailed tips, please visit:

Saving Money While Staying Warm

In addition to giving advice for holiday home safety, Brentnie recently contributed to an article for Housecall about ways to conserve energy in the winter months. She says that you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to keeping warm in the winter months and saving money on your utilities – all with just a few simple changes.

Here are some tips to stay warm and  keep your utility bills down during the cold winter months:

  • Turn down the temperature while you are at work or sleeping.
  • Change the filters in your HVAC system to boost efficiency.
  • Seal cracks and ducts, which can be huge culprits for heat loss.
  • Close the chimney on your fireplace when it isn’t in use (unless it’s Christmas Eve of course).
  • Adjust your ceiling fan to push warm air down (clockwise) rather than the more popular counter-clockwise position for the summer months.

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You can see her article, here on The Housecall Blog:

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