Craigslist has recently made changes to there policy regarding  styled listings and HTML tags. Unfortunately, the changes no longer allow posting custom colors, changing the text font, or posting some links into your Craigslist ad using our customized HTML code.  Unfortunately, Craigslist gave their users and the community no notice this change was coming and just sprung it on everybody early November.

Rentec is certainly not the only company or individual who uses customized HTML templates to assist their subscribers post upgraded ads to Craigslist, this change has already inconvenienced a lot of Craigslist users nationwide regardless the software platform they might be using.  But from Craigslist’s perspective, the change makes sense. Craigslist was created to offer ordinary people an easy, convenient way to buy and sell goods. You can tell by looking at the website’s simple design that it is meant for the average person to be able to navigate and use the site’s services without being overly complicated.

Many people don’t have the resources to create a custom HTML code to make professional looking Craigslist ads. The people able to create the custom code are most likely businesses, such as Rentec, with an advantage over some smaller sellers. By removing the image tags from  posts, Craigslist is essentially standardizing the appearance of there ads so that the average person manually uploading photos with the Craigslist image tool doesn’t result in a disadvantage when their ads are running alongside those of a larger company. Once these changes have been fully implemented, every Craigslist ad is going to be plain text an will display a single image with a carousel of additional images underneath the ad.

At this point Rentec’s easy to use and professional looking Craigslist ad creator is offline to adjust to Craigslist’s new policy but we have our top programmer working on it and it should be up and working soon within the new limited guidelines that Craigslist has published for housing and apartment postings.  We will keep you posted. Thanks for your patience!