More Amazing Landlords To Be Thankful for this Year

It’s hard to believe another year is coming to an end but it does give us the perfect opportunity to look back and take inventory of all the accomplishments and show gratitude to the hard working rental industry professionals who are making a positive impact in their neighborhoods.

Managing properties is often a thankless job but you continue to show up day after day! So in this season of thanks, we’d like to remind others of the important impact landlords and property managers like you have on society and make sure you get the recognition you deserve.

Spotlight on Amazing Landlords

In no particular order, you’ll find just a few examples we’ve run across of landlords across the country who go above and beyond. These exemplify all the hard work wonderful landlords like you who continue to be dedicated to stellar property management and resident care.

Heatwave Hero

Earlier this year the country was facing not only a pandemic but also an intense heat wave unlike any in recent history. In Oregon, as the temperatures typically run mild, air conditioning is not required to be provided by landlords. But that didn’t stop property manager, Mike Shiley from spending a week dropping off units to give residents some much needed relief from the heat. The KATU news article and video can be found here with more details: Landlord Gives Free AC Units

Holiday Angels

Cincy Area Properties (C.A.P. Real Estate Investment Brokerage) has continued its long standing tradition of taking kids shopping for toys and essentials during the holidays.

For 13 years running, Holiday Angels (formerly the Landlord Santa Program) sets out help selected kids from Cincy Area Properties and schools in Northern Kentucky. Their goal is to help 75 kids this year.

You can find additional details and a link for those that wish to donate here: Landlord’s program helps struggling families with Christmas

Reverse Rent Escalation

It’s almost a given that rent will increase at regular intervals for most rentals. But flipping that model on its head makes this landlord not only a rare unicorn but also lands them on our spotlight. Tom Trout, a landlord of more than 40 years shares how he discounted rent each year for the first few years of tenancy and then continues at that discounted rate going forward. With the costs of tenant turnover and managing properties out-of-state, having good long term tenants is key and this landlord may have found a great incentive while helping people keep housing costs affordable.

You can read the full account here: ‘I’ll do it my way’: Las Vegas landlord lowers rents to keep tenants

Welcome Wagon

Recently we wrote about the importance of providing tenant resources where we shared with you what one of our blog readers does to make sure their new tenants feel welcomed and well informed. This landlord goes above and beyond not only in providing great resources and information for new tenants but also for their thoughtfulness in putting together the perfect welcome basket based on the new tenants needs.

MV on August 27, 2020 from the article Tips From Your Tenant: Make a Lasting First Impression with a Tenant Welcome Package  said,

“I have always made up a little welcome kit. Most of my tenants are military so they are moving from far away, probably have been driving for days on hand or just getting of a plain from who knows where, and it could be days or even weeks before they get their belongings.

The welcome kit includes water, soda in the frig and a few small baskets of items – one with cleaning supplies; one with snacks; one with a couple plates and glasses and maybe a dishtowel; I make sure to have toilet paper, soap and a shower curtain in at least one bathroom and the kitchen gets paper towels and dish soap. If there are children I will focus a few of the snacks specifically for them and maybe a puzzle or book (nothing messy). If there are pets, I will include some snacks and a toy are well. Most, if not all, comes from the dollar store so the costs are very reasonable, maybe $40-$50 to put it all together. The end result is you have very surprised, happy tenants and it makes for a strong foundation for your relationship with then during the remaining tenancy.”

*Full article includes their other great suggestion about creating a Property Book (binder) to share with new tenants can be found here: The Importance of Tenant Resources | Tips and Tools

Community Support

In this era of pandemic, businesses and communities are finding unique ways to show support for each other which takes us to New York City to spotlight HAP Investments.

According to Real Estate Weekly, “HAP Investments, a New York-based international real estate investment and development company, announced it will offer up to $1,000 in rent credits to building residents for shopping and dining locally in an effort to support New York City’s economic recovery.”

This program offers $10 credit for every $100 spent on local shopping and dining from October through December and credit will be applied to February rent charges with additional incentives to the top three of the participants.

If you’d like to create a similar program to help your community or learn more about how this great landlord decided to create this program, you can read the full article and details here: NYC landlord to discount rents for tenants who shop local.

Read more about this unique way both landlords and tenants can work together to bring support to their local economy:  NYC landlord to discount rents for tenants who shop local

A Landlord who Serves

TikTok is becoming a hub for just about any interest or business you can imagine – including the growing community of investors, private landlords, and real estate and rental property management professionals using the platform to spread good will and some good advice along the way.

One such professional is a shining example of how to show love and care for their residents. Deandra McDonald (aka @simplerealestate on TikTok) is an investor, landlord, and real estate coach.

The over 185 thousand followers and 2.5 million likes on her videos is a testament that her perspective and care resonates with hearts when it comes to how to be an amazing landlord. Whether talking about investing, property management, or tenant tips, her videos are insightful and helpful while seasoned with humor and an enormous amount of empathy.

Deandra McDonald on TikTok is an example of an Amazing Landlord

How to Treat Your Amazing Landlord

If you’re a tenant that has stumbled across this article, now is the perfect time to show your appreciation to your landlord or property manager. Even a kind word or note of thanks can go a long way in building a great tenant-landlord relationship.

Thankful for those that Support and Help

For both tenants and landlords, don’t forget to reach out and thank your maintenance manager and crew, landscaper, sanitation personnel, postal and package delivery persons, neighbors, coworkers – the habit of expressing gratitude can at minimum better a moment and at full impact change a life.

Thankful for YOU!

We never want to end our yearly post without thanking all of you in the real estate and rental industry for providing a much needed service to so many people. If we could spotlight you all, we would because your impact and care is far reaching and in our books — Amazing!

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