permissionsRentec Direct is glad to announce an update to the system that allows precise control of permissions and account access for sub-users.

If your employees have specific areas of responsibility in managing your rental business, you now have the ability to ensure they can only access areas of the system and its information pertinent to their jobs.

Launch Date: Dec. 20, 2016

This system update will begin to roll out on December 20, 2016.  We are posting the blog now so that you will be aware the change is coming. You may want to adjust some of your sub-users’ permissions at that time.

The changes will affect what some sub-users see and can access.  For example, if a sub-user does not have permission to post a payment, the post payment icon will no longer be there. This is a result of more complete isolation of information to which the sub-user has not been granted access.

Three Basic Account Types

Rentec Direct allows each account administrator to set up unlimited sub-user accounts with controlled permissions and account access.

When editing a sub-user, you will now see a new selector for Account Types. The three options allow you to apply a predefined set of permissions when creating a new sub-user account or modifying an existing one. If you apply this selection to an existing account, it will remove all current permissions and replace them with the predefined set.

Account Types

The predefined permissions are generally described as:

  • Limited – A limited account type can not view or modify site content until the Administrator grants specific permissions.
  • Financial – A financial account type can perform a full range of financial activities on the system, which also gives access to view tenant, property and other records.
  • Full – A full account type can perform all functions in the system including creation and management of other sub-users. This “super” user cannot view or modify the Admin’s account.

More New Updates to the Permission Controls

We took a look at a (rather exhaustive) list of permissions based feature requests provided by our clients and are extremely pleased to tell you that we were able to include everything that was in our feature request system!

Here are some new permissions that will be available for you to allow or restrict for your sub-users:

  • Manage User Accounts
  • Income & Expense Categories
  • Email / Text Messaging
  • Utilities (overall access)
  • Utilities: 1099 e-File and Print
  • Utilities: DocuSign Configuration
  • Utilities: Transaction History
  • File Library
  • Website and Branding
  • Financial Reports
  • Archived Records
  • Editing of Reconciled Transactions
  • Restrict Transaction Edit after a number of days
  • View Ledgers and Balances

The Sub-user Experience

We have taken steps to ensure sensitive information is not visible to your sub-users if you choose not to give them permission to see it. For example, bank accounts, balances, ledgers, financial reports and many other system functions can now be hidden from users whose jobs do not involve those functions.

Remember this new feature will be available starting Dec. 20, 2016. The enhanced permissions featured in your property management software enhances your ability to maintain control over your tenants’ and owners’ sensitive data, keep bank account information more secure, and keep your employees on task while using the system.

At Rentec Direct, we welcome your feedback to continue improving our system. Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know how to continue to serve your needs.