Searchable Custom Fields

We rolled out an enhancement to custom fields for your Rentec Direct software.  You can now specify if you want your custom fields searchable.  When they are made searchable, when you use the filters in the properties, tenants, or accounts tabs any search terms you type in will look through your custom fields now as well.

How is this useful?

There are a nearly infinite number of uses for this new feature, but here are a few examples:

  1. Say you have a custom field for tenants that stores their license plate number.  You can make this searchable, and you can now find your tenants easily by typing in part or all of their license plate number.
  2. Maybe you use a couple of different landscaping companies.  You can create a custom field for your properties for “Landscaper” and make it searchable.  Now if you want to see all properties managed by “Jo’s Landscape Service”, you just type in “Jo” into your property filter and it will automatically show you all properties done by Jo.
  3. You could get creative and make a custom field for “disbursement date” and then when you want to see who needs disbursements done today, you just type in today’s date and it will include all matches.  This same strategy could work for contract renewal dates.
  4. Maybe you want to quickly identify tenants who have cats.  You could create a searchable custom field called “Pet Types” and within that field enter either “cat” or “dog” or leave blank if they have none.  Then go to your tenants tab and type “cat” into the filter and you will instantly see a list of tenants with cats.

Let’s get started!

To create new custom fields, or set any existing fields searchable head on over to Settings, Custom Fields.  For any field that you want to be searchable, click the edit icon on the right, and then just check the “searchable” box.  Then save your changes.

custom fields

Now head over to the tenants tab and search for the data in one of your fields.  I used the 4th example and searched for all tenants who had cats.

custom search