Renters insurance for Rentec Direct

In November we announced that Rentec Direct integrated with a nationwide renters insurance provider to provide a method for your tenants to easily purchase renters insurance. Sure for Rentec Direct gives you an easy option to require your renters to show proof of renters insurance in the Tenant Portal, or purchase an affordable plan through a secure and verified partnership with Sure.

The response from renters who have completed renters insurance orders in the Rentec Direct Tenant Portal has been overwhelming positive! We are excited to take the renters insurance feature out of beta and make it available to every Rentec Direct client.

Updates to Renters Insurance Feature from Rentec Direct

After January 24, 2018, your renters will have a new option displayed in the tenant portal at the bottom of the notices list.  It will look like this:

If you don’t want to wait until January 24th to make this available to your tenants, you can enable this option today by visiting Settings, Program Defaults and enable the option that says “Allow renters to purchase insurance in the tenant portal?”.

Or if you prefer tenants not have the option to purchase insurance from the tenant portal, simply disable this setting.

Reminders about Renters Insurance for Rentec Direct:

  • It costs you nothing.  Renters will pay for any insurance policies they select directly to the provider.
  • Personal property coverage. It provides your renters with insurance coverage for their belongings which is typically never covered by your homeowner/landlord policy.
  • Affordable protection. Plans start at just $8/mth for your renters.

Property Managers and Landlords can:

  • Require renters to show proof of insurance, either by uploading supporting documents or purchasing through the Tenant Portal
  • Provide easy sign-up for renters insurance
  • Track enrollment and compliance

Renters Insurance

Learn more about how renter’s insurance protects both you and your renters:

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