We’ve rolled out another update to help save you time in your day to day transaction entry.   This update provides the capability to split any existing transaction in the system.

What is a split transaction?

A split transaction is a single ledger transaction made up of multiple components.  For example, you might make one payment to Joe the Plumber of $150, but it might be paying two separate jobs or invoices.  Similarly, a tenant who pays for 2 properties might make the payment in one check, you want to split the payment between the properties.  A split transaction might also cross between different categories, for example part of a transaction might belong to the repairs category, while the remainder goes to supplies.

Why would we want to split an existing transaction?  There’s a number of possibilities, here’s a few that come to mind in the wee early (pre coffee) hours.

  • Say you entered a transaction last week for a $500 expense, but received an updated invoice that indicates $100 of that expense was for a different property.  Solution:  Enter the transaction and split it.  Adjust the $500 line item to $400 for property A, and add a new line item for Property B for the remaining $100.
  • If you are using the new automatic bank synchronization feature that we just announced earlier this month, you might have downloaded all the transactions from your bank this month and created single ledger items for each matching entry in your bank.  Now you want to detail a couple of those transactions by splitting them to ensure the correct properties and/or categories are assigned.

How do I split a transaction?

This part’s easy.  Just edit the transaction in question, and click the “split transaction” button in the lower-left.  The transaction will be split and you’ll be in the split transaction form ready to make those changes.