Forms Editor Updates Now partnering with HelloSign–same amazing e signature features, seamlessly integrated to meet your business needs.

New updates to the Forms Editor provide additional options for property managers and landlords to create and send customized documents.

After only a couple weeks of announcing initial improvements to the Forms Editor feature, Rentec Direct users are finding new, creative uses for this powerful tool. Since it’s latest update, our development team has been hard at work to provide additional enhancements based on feedback from users just like you!

The Forms Editor allows users to create templates that will be populated with information at a later time.  You can use the Forms Editor to create a document with data fields that will automatically pull relevant tenant or property information and input them into the form for you to provide to your tenants.

Thanks to your input we are happy to announce the addition of even more form functionality.

Users can now access the following functions in the forms editor:

  • Send a form to a tenant or owner via email
  • Any form can be sent through DocuSign for a certified electronic signature ( in the past, only leases could be sent via DocuSign)
  • Property Managers can send forms through DocuSign to Owners
  • Owners have access to a file library through the Owner Portal

To send a form via email, with the appropriate fields completed from the data in the tenant or owner records, select Forms from the Tenant or Owner popup menu. On the Forms page, below the template selector, choose the delivery option.

Send Form via Docusign or Email

Additional updates and changes to the system include:

  • A new form field named “DocuSign Initials” allows DocuSign to request the signer’s initials at various points throughout the form.
  • In the Form template editor, a Page Break field has been added to the drop-down fields selector. You can now control exactly where your form content will skip to the next page. After insertion, the field appears as %PAGE_BREAK% in the editor and in the Preview or final PDF document it does an actual new page.
  • The former  Leases page is now a generalized Forms page, allowing you to send any of your forms via DocuSign or Email.
  • All your form templates (except Drafts) will be available in the drop-down selector.
  • Owners now have a Forms option in their popup menu.
  • A File Library option has been added to the Owner’s popup menu.
  • Forms completed via the DocuSign system will be stored in the Owner’s or Tenant’s file library for later review.

These Forms Editor updates are immediately available to all Pro and PM Rentec Direct clients .  Thanks to the Rentec Direct users whose suggestions help us to improve the system and provide you the features you need!
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