Electronic Signatures for rentals

Hello! My name is Jeremy with the Rentec development team and today we’re going to talk about the sweet updates Rentec Direct is making to our electronic signature offering.  The new signature platform will be rolling out to Rentec Direct clients this week.

What are Electronic Signatures?

Electronic Signatures are digital signatures that people can make online! Rentec Direct offers the ability to create custom forms that can be sent to tenants or owners. When sending these forms to owners and tenants you can request Electronic Signatures from the recipients.

Didn’t know Rentec Direct could do that? Yes, it can! I was pretty excited when I found out too.  You get to go green by having a paperless office, provide your owners and tenants the convenience of electronic signatures, and improve the legal legitimacy of your agreements, all free with any current Rentec Pro or PM plan!

If you aren’t already using electronic signatures, it’s super easy.  Check out our custom forms & signatures webinar we did just a few months ago for a full overview of how to use the system.

Say Hello to HelloSign

We’ve recently made some updates to this very great electronic signature feature to make it even more very great! Now we integrate with HelloSign to facilitate the electronic signature process. Our integration with HelloSign gives you quite a bit of information about where your documents are in the signature process.  HelloSign also sends you an email every step of the way.  It’s very nice to be kept in the loop, but if you find it’s too much you can create an email filter to help move those messages where you want them.  For me, I am content looking at the progress of the document inside Rentec Direct, so I filter all those emails into a new Electronic Signatures email folder I created.

This update means that you will not need to generate an API key to start accepting signatures as before. You will have better visibility into where your document is at in the signing process. And, the requested signers will be very much kept in the loop as to what they are being requested to sign and when they need to sign it. Win, win, and win! Another, more personal win, is that I started a sentence with “And”, high five!

Our integration with HelloSign gives us more information about where a document is at in the signing process. And (win), since we have it, we’re passing that information on to you in the form of a new and improved document signing detailed status page! (NIDSDSP for short). This page will help you keep track of what forms you’ve sent out as well as inform you on the time of the signatures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and so, since I’m sure you all don’t want to read a thousand words I’ve included an amazing picture of the NIDSDSP below to save our collective brains. No need to thank me, you are very welcome.

esignature request

What of the previous Electronic Signature solution Rentec offered?

No worries! All signature requests you’ve sent using the older solution will still be available to be viewed. The status of those requests can still be seen and any currently pending signature requests can be finished up. The improvements we’ve made with HelloSign will take effect on any new requests that are sent out.  The previous integration we had, while we’re still connected to them for all previously issued documents, just didn’t have the abilities we needed in order to grow with us and allow us to continue to offer electronic signatures free.

Sign Me Up!

There isn’t any need to sign up for the new electronic signature request feature. You are already signed up!  Throw up those Rock On hand signs because you are ready to rock. Plus, signatures are still included with your Pro or PM subscription, and available at no cost to you. This means you can send out as many documents as you need within reason, of course.** 

What else?

Of course, you just had to ask that. As if the peace of mind that you get from knowing that the recipients of your signature requests would know exactly what and when they need to sign wasn’t enough. Well, I have good news. We’re planning on improving the electronic signature interface even more!  This new integration with HelloSign is opening up the door to many future improvements which were not possible previously.  

Soon you’ll be able to resend signature requests, delete sent signature requests, and potentially download the in progress signature request itself. In addition to this, our new improved interface will allow you to easily send a test document out! That’s right, we’ve added a “Send Test” button to allow the sending of testing documents! It’s awesome, I know and it’ll help ensure you never have an expense related to too many signatures.

test signature


** Electronic signatures: $2.50/ea if the signature count exceeds 15% of property count. (IE…  if you have 100 units, your first 15 electronic documents per month are free). This is just a precaution to ensure we can always offer this service free to everybody.