portalLast “Feature Friday” I went over the capabilities and use of the Tenant Portal and so this week it seemed fitting to go over another great feature, the Owner Portal. Using the owner portal allows an owner to login and view the performance of each of their properties, as well as accounting information, and notices.  Property managers can follow this 3 step process to easily setup an owner portal.

  1. Define an owner at Settings, Setup Owners.
  2. Input an email address and password for them, and select the Portal check box to enable their portal.  Save Changes.
  3. In the Properties tab,  right-click to Edit the properties and attach them to the owner by selecting their name in the owner drop down menu.

The portal quickly shows the owner commonly requested information on their properties which saves property managers time in responding to requests. Property managers can adjust the information the owner has access to view in the settings menu expanding or limiting the information they see based on the owners preferences.

In addition to allowing the owner to view their account information the owner portal also features file sharing capabilities.   To share files using the owner (or tenant) portal select any file library and select the link to the right of the files labeled (share).  Once this link opens up simply select the files you wish to share. To make this process even easier the properties linked tenants and owners will automatically be highlighted in the drop down menu. When the owner or tenant logs in to their account, they will see a new tab within their portal labeled Files.  The tenant or owner can click this tab to view a list of all the shared files. Files can be sorted by date or type.


As with all of Rentec Directs great features we are always striving to improve them to provide landlords and property managers all of the best tools to make their jobs easier. As always feedback and suggestions are encouraged and fuel our development team with exciting new projects.