Rentec Direct remodel now live

An upgraded software experience is now available for Rentec Direct clients!

This completely free upgrade will enhance landlords’ and property managers’ ease of completing daily tasks. Your Rentec Direct team is very excited to show you all of the streamlined and beneficial features that we have in store. 

Your Rentec Direct team is always committed to making your software experience an easy and convenient one. The new design–also known as the Rentec Direct Remodel–won’t require you to relearn a ton of complicated tasks. In fact, all the enhancements will make it even easier for you to complete your to-do list within the software.

Introducing the Rentec Direct Remodel: Now Live!

We are proud to announce that the remodel is officially live. Previously the remodel was available to our clients in the Rentec Direct Insider Program. Feedback has been great, and we have tackled a few minor bugs as a result of our Insiders’ daily testing. We are now releasing the new design to some of our existing clients.

As we continue the process of migrating existing clients over to the remodel, you may see a notice on your summary page inviting you to try it out. When you first log in you’ll be greeted with a software tour guide that will point out important tools and changes on each page. That tool can be turned off and on at any time. 

What Will This Cost Me?

There is no cost to you for this upgrade. Your Rentec Direct team is dedicated to continual improvements that make your experience better.

Additionally, the switch to The Remodel is instant, you won’t experience any migration delay of your data. If you’d like to try out The Remodel, email and we can grant you early access.  

What Updates are in the Remodel?

Beyond the modern design of the Remodel, you will also find additional enhancements and new features available exclusively in the Remodel. These updates are designed to improve your workflow and provide you with more options to do your job exceptionally well.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Rental Applications Enhanced: You can now add unlimited customized questions to your rental application.
  • New Vendor File Library: Now you can access a file library for every vendor or payee you enter into the system. Within that vendor library, you can email a file and see all the files previously sent. 
  • New Email Notifications for Joint Tenants: The new release allows you to set up email notifications for co-renters so they also get notices for items such as past-due rent, rent charges posted, etc. 
  • Bulk Delete Transaction Tool: We know deleting items individually is time-consuming. Now you have the option to delete unwanted transactions in bulk. 
  • Menu Enhancements: Find options to reconcile, update balance, transfers, bank sync, etc. without entering a bank ledger. You can now access them on the menu for each bank account. 
  • Import Custom Forms & Documents: Instead of typing the contents of a new document into the software, you can now use the Import Tool to simply upload your document in a snap. You can upload, create, and customize as many forms as needed. For example, you could have short-term lease forms, long-term lease forms, month-to-month agreements, rules and regulations, pet policies, management agreements, and so on – ready to use.
  • Upgraded Search & Sorting Functions: Quickly find the information you need in your account with enhanced search and sorting functions. You’ll be able to search tenant records, property details, financial data, and more.
  • Owner Contributions in the Owner Portal: Your owners can make secure online payments to you through the Owner Portal. Owner contributions are useful for collecting funds for maintenance, repairs, and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • MMS Support (Send & Recieve Images & Videos): Use your software to send and receive videos and images via text, enhancing your communication with your tenants, owners, and vendors. Other forms of multimedia content are also supported.
  • Responsive Design: The new responsive design means you can work on the go from any device. Seamlessly transition from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device to ensure you can tackle your to-do list wherever you are located.

Exciting New Integrations

Rentec Direct is partnering with Steadily Landlord Insurance. Steadily offers affordable rental property insurance, exclusively focused on serving landlords and the properties they own. You can now instantly review quotes and purchase a policy from Steadily directly within your Rentec Direct account. The Steadily integration is available in the Rentec Direct Remodel. 

Access Steadily in The Rentec Direct Remodel: Add or Edit a Property and look for the “Do you need a landlord policy?” link under the Financial section.

Find out more about Steadily and the importance of landlord insurance: Do You Have the Right Insurance for Your Rental Property? | Landlord Insurance vs. Homeowners Insurance

How Do I Access the Remodel?

The Rentec Direct Remodel is being released in stages to current clients. The integrity of your data is extremely important, which is why we are opting for a strategic rollout of The Remodel.  If you haven’t already seen it, you should be presented with the Try It Now option within the next few weeks on your summary page.

Just want to take a peek at what’s new, but hesitant about change?  No problem, you can switch back to the current software at any time.  Just click “Return to Previous Version” in the footer.  You can switch back and forth between the legacy and remodel as much as you want.

If you just can’t wait any longer, contact your success team at and they can assist you with getting access today.