Decor Ideas for Renters

2020 is officially in full swing, and with it has come some new style trends for your home. At the forefront of these style trends, is this year’s Pantone color of the year–classic blue. Pantone’s annual color picking tradition can serve as a springboard to help you style your home in a way that will have your space the height of trendiness for the months to come.

Thankfully, even renters can jump on this color trend without hesitation. If you love classic blue, you don’t have to sacrifice style to avoid risking your security deposit; these decor ideas for renters will allow you to incorporate the color of the year while keeping your landlord happy

Use a Gallery Wall for Pops of Classic Blue

A gallery wall with a truly modern feel is the perfect spot to showcase your newfound love for 2020’s color. Incorporate wall art, photographs and even memorabilia featuring classic blue. This is an excellent decor idea for renters because it allows you to avoid painting while ensuring your walls are far from boring. A few appropriately-sized removable hooks or picture hanging strips will allow you to add pops of classic blue to the walls in a damage-free way.

gallery wall

Keep it Subtle with Accents

Throw blankets, vases, or couch pillows are ideal for changing with the trends. They are inexpensive and easy to replace or rehome as your color preferences change. Plus, throw pillows can be recovered in a new fabric and many vases can be painted to provide a whole new look any time you are in need of a refresh. Change out your current accent items to add a hint of classic blue throughout your home or apartment.

small accent decor

Go Bold With a Furniture Swap

A large piece of furniture is certainly an investment piece making it vital to wisely select your color. If you find yourself truly loving classic blue and need more than a small pop of color to satisfy your aesthetic, consider opting for a couch, chair or upholstered bench to act as a statement piece. A classic blue couch will surely catch guests’ eyes as they walk through the door. It will provide a big impact without putting a drop of paint on the wall.

classic blue furniture

Add Color and Texture with a New Rug

An area rug or an accent rug are both great options if you are hoping for a bold swathe of classic blue, but don’t want to give up your favorite reading chair to do it. Less expensive than replacing your furniture, a new rug can create a new look in your rental and add much-needed texture to your space. For renters, area rugs have more benefits than just aesthetics. They can serve to cover up any unsightly existing carpet or can be used to cover and protect newly installed carpet from stains (keeping your security deposit protected as well) all while adding a sense of style to your space. When it comes to decor ideas for renters, area rugs may be one of the most functional items you can purchase.

pantone classic blue rug

Create a Statement with Removable Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper may be the ideal answer for every renter longing to paint their walls to keep up with the trends. If you’re longing to take a paintbrush to your wall but know your landlord or manager may not love classic blue as much as you do, there are options.  A good removable wallpaper should stay on your walls while you need it and be painlessly removed when your lease is up. 

removable wallpaper for renters

Whether you go strong with a bold pattern on the wall, opt for a mural effect, or simply find a solid color preferable, removable wallpaper featuring classic blue is sure to elevate your space and have a big impact. While prices vary from company to company, more and more affordable options are coming on the market making removable wallpaper a dream decor idea for every renter. However, since removable wallpapers are only recently mainstream, be sure to check with your landlord or manager before applying it to a large space. It may be best to test out a swatch or two just to ensure that it will not damage your wall or paint before applying.

Keeping your rental on-trend and welcoming as a renter can feel like an uphill battle. Thankfully, a little ingenuity and some fun planning can go far to make sure that your landlord is happy but your rental truly feels like home.