april fool's day

April Fools Announcement: New Retro Landlord Kit 

The long-anticipated New Retro Landlord Kit is finally here. This retro landloring pack has everything a property manager or landlord will need to step back to yesteryear and experience property management in vintage style and return to the joy of penciled in ledger entries and handwritten notices and documentation. 

But that’s not all, easily upgrade to the Modern Landlord Kit (see below for details).  

New Retro Landlord Kit Includes:

Specialized Documentation Implement (No.2 Pencil)

The specialized No.2 Pencil is your go-to implement for documenting every aspect of your property management activities from tenant interactions to double entries in your bookkeeping ledger pages.  

Benefits: Documentation is king in property management. This New Retro Landlord No.2 pencil can be sharpened to your exact specifications and comes in handy when handwriting tenant notices and other documents. You can also use this easy to grip pencil when noting maintenance and repair requests and detailing by hand every income and expense transaction in your bookkeeping ledger.  

Features: Hexagonal shaped design — easy grip, pre-sharpened with medium-soft lead for readable strokes — large smudge-free eraser for error correction — Bright yellow to be easily spotted when misplaced

Portable Sturdy Clipboard

This handheld device is most useful when on the go, whether walking around the property or in the car on your way to the bank with your handwritten deposit slip. It allows you to carry important papers, checklists, and documents around for easy access. 

Benefits: Holds up to a 1-inch stack of paper securely with a strong and durable top clip. Can double as a drink coaster when not in use. Pages that are clipped will have a distinct crease on top so they can be identified. 

Features: Smooth surface finish with rounded edges for a comfortable hold — fair-quality pressboard — Dimensions 12.5 x 9 x .5 — top hole for wall hanging

Double-Entry Ledger for Bookkeeping Accuracy

Do you miss tracking finances one at a time and on multiple pages? Then you’ll enjoy this accounting ledger that comes with columns, rows, and even a place to write in the description and date. 

Benefits: Manually record and track individual income and expense transactions in this logbook. This bookkeeping system allows you to manually document every payment received and each expense paid on multiple pages. For example, hand write the tenant payment on a page dedicated to that tenant’s payment history, then write it again on the property income and expense page, and a third time on the bank account transaction page. Pages can be removed and are compatible with the specialized documentation implement and clipboard included in the New Retro Landlord Kit. 

Features: 104 pages — 8” x 11” ledger is printed on both sides of each removable three-hole punched page

Vintage Pre-Stamped Envelopes

Correspondence and mailout can feel like a fun industrial-age assembly line factory once again. Gather around stacks of statements and spend an entire day folding, inserting, and sealing envelopes. Hand-write addresses (with your handy No.2 landlord kit pencil) on these vintage stamped envelopes (*additional postage necessary for delivery). 

Benefits: With proper postage* send rent statements and invoices, leases, and other important documents to your tenants, owners, and vendors by standard mail (2-8 days). And then wait patiently for another week or two for those tenant rent payment checks to come in for manual processing.

Features: Nice design with handy size for storage — envelope sealing taste is tolerable but not recommended. 

Retro Landlord Kit from Rentec Direct

Already have a similar Retro Landlord Kit? Did you know that you can upgrade to the Modern Landlord Kit at any time? Better yet — skip the vintage and enjoy the modern advances of online property management software today (see below).

Bonus packet of pain relief

Vintage landlording comes with many aches and pains so we’ve included this bonus packet of pain reliever free with every kit purchase.

Benefits: Fast acting, all-day targeted relief of common pain associated with vintage landlord and property management tasks. 

Features: 30 count — small enough to carry in a pocket

Already have a similar Retro Landlord Kit? Did you know that you can upgrade to the Modern Landlord Kit at any time? Better yet — skip the vintage and enjoy the modern advances of online property management software today. Read on for details.

Rentec Direct Property Management Software

True, retro is cool but not in property management. Landlords and property managers deserve to have the latest and greatest tools at their fingertips at an affordable price. These tools should be easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to love — and that’s what you’ll find at Rentec Direct property management software

Property Management Software for the Modern World Includes:

Easy Accounting, Banking, and Payment Processing Tools

No more paper ledgers! Rentec Direct software for landlords has all the financial tools you need to run a successful property management company available at your fingertips. Some highlights include: 

  • Full general ledger accounting for properties, tenants, and owners with an extremely robust reporting system.  
  • Built-in 1099 NEC and 1099 Misc e-filing system. 
  • Collect rent online and send owner payments electronically. 
  • Download and sync financial transactions between your Rentec Direct account and your bank. 

Rental Business Operations Managed with Ease 

Exchange that pencil and clipboard for easy online business operation tools such as: 

  • A professional website to promote your business and listings online. 
  • Create, share, and store important documents securely in the file library and accept electronic signatures with the HelloSign integration. 
  • Keep track of maintenance and repairs with the work order management system. 
  • Create unlimited secure user accounts for your team to access the software.  
  • Pull detailed reports and benefit from the available mobile inspection integration. 

Leasing & Management at Your Fingertips

Tasks such as filling vacancies and lease management are difficult using old-school options. Instead, enjoy these features:

  • Receive rent payments and take maintenance requests via the Tenant Portal.
  • Use the most accurate on-demand tenant screening built right into the platform. 
  • Enable the advanced lead tracking tool for prospective tenants.
  • Automatically syndicate your vacancies to the world’s top property listing services. 
  • Provide online applications and accept application payments for your vacancies. 
  • Use the built-in email and text messaging (SMS) service for convenient communication with your tenants, owners, and vendors. 

Also Included in the Rentec Direct Landlord Software: 

Enjoy unlimited toll-free support and setup assistance from US-based support.

Question: What does modern property management software have that a retro system lacks?
Answer: Access, automation, customization, security, and portability.

  • Give your owners access to valuable property data with an online owner portal and mobile app. 
  • Give your tenants access to their payment history and online payment options with an online tenant portal and mobile app. 
  • Automated transactions such as recurring expenses, management fees, rent increases, and late fees.
  • Data is secured using bank-grade security – the toughest in the industry.
  • Access from any computer smartphone or smart device.

April fools joking aside, with good property management software, the pain points of vintage landlording are relieved and you can find a little more time for connection and enjoyment every day on your landlord journey. 

For more information on our award-winning Rentec Direct property management software, check out the short video below and reach out and call 800-881-5139 or email info@rentecdirect.com to speak to a product advisor today.