We’re pleased to announce improvements to the application settings. Various features can be toggled on and off, and also now the Summary screen is completely customizable.

Click the screenshot to the right for a full view.  Here’s the guts of it.

    • Specify which property your summary graphs apply to, or leave it as a default of all properties.
    • How many months do you want summarized.  I track my properties in 12 month intervals and want to know if their rolling averages for 12 months are more green or more red.  For property owners who track shorter periods this can be cranked down to 3 or 6 months, or go up as high as infinity.
    • By default we show you important notices related to your tenants and properties.  Is one of them getting a bit annoying or redundant?  Do you always have units vacant, or tenants behind and do not want those notices showing up.  They can be toggled here.
    • Accounting formatting for balances can be toggled to remain black or highlight red.  Additionally, show negative numbers as -x.xx or switch to (x.xx).
    • Set defaults for your properties.  These default will be in effect for all new placements.  They can still be modified during the individual placements as well.
    • The properties tab shows a running balance of the properties income.  It can be more useful to know the balance of the property account over the last 12 months or 6 months rather than a grand total.  If a grand total is desired, just put in 999.