We’re extremely excited to announce that the file library is online! You have the ability to upload all your documents, images, and compilations of anything important related to your property or tenants up to Rentec Direct.

Our flash based uploader will let you select any file from your computer and mark it for upload.  A progress bar will show you the progress as it uploads, and then the file is available.  A couple neat features here:

  • Click on the file itself, or the file line to download the document or image.
  • If it’s a supported image (jpg, gif, png) the system will store a preview of it for you.  Click the icon to the left of the image, or the (preview) link to see it right away right there in the browser.
  • Every different filetype is given it’s own unique corrosponding icon so you can easily distingusih between the different type of documents.
  • The Name, Date, and Size columns are sortable in either ascending or descending order.  Just click the title link of the column you wish to sort.

Filetypes supported include, but are not limited to, PDF Documents, Word Document, Excel Documents, Openoffice Documents, JPEG/GIF/PNG/TIFF images, Zip files, and more!  If the system doesn’t recognize your file type, that’s OK too.  It will still accept the file and give it a generic icon.