We have updated the application system to allow for collection of application fees directly via the online form.  We take care of all the work with the bank and merchant processing so your setup is as simple as telling us how much to charge.  To use this feature, first you must be already setup with EasyPay (which allows us to process transactions on your behalf).  Our basic EasyPay account has a setup fee of $25 and no monthly fee.  If you aren’t setup, you can get setup quickly by downloading the single page setup form at Settings, Setup EasyPay.

Once you are setup with EasyPay (or if you are already), visit Settings, Rental Application Defaults.  Scroll to the bottom for the new options under the Applications Fees heading.  Specify your fee, and if you would like us to automatically post a income entry under the associated property for you when it is received.


Once a tenant completes their application, we credit 95% of the fee received to your account (the remaining 5% is used to pay for our transaction costs).  You can then either use those funds for tenant screening, or allow them to remain as a credit on your account which will pay future invoices.