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Save Reports to XLS (Excel)

You can now quickly an easily output reports directly to Excel.   When opening up any system report, in the upper-right corner you’ll see a new output option.  The XLS icon, when clicked, will download a file in XLS format...

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New Outgoing ACH Report

Do you have a merchant account already and already disburse owner draws via ACH?  If not, have a look at the benefits.  If you already are setup with a merchant account, we’re pleased to announce a new report which...

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Your Contact Info on Reports

Reports now include your contact information in the upper right to help differentiate and identify your reports. This has been a direct result of user feedback to our support department. Keep up the great suggestions and our...

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Enhanced Reporting System

We’re pleased to announce a new, updated, and more powerful reporting system. One of our frequent requests from property managers was to make historical renter reports available. In order to accommodate this as well as...

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