uncategorized_ledgerIt’s right about this time of year that we are all straightening up our accounting prior to turning it over to our tax preparer.  We’ve received feedback that it would be helpful to identify “Uncategorized” transactions quickly so they can be properly categorized.  After-all, sometimes we are just in a hurry and we might not know the category a transaction belongs to when it’s being entered so we may leave it as uncategorized and then forget to fix it later that day.  A year later it becomes a problem if there are many of these that need to be identified so all our reports are correct.  Today, we’ve introduced updates to the Category Ledger report which will make your life a lot easier from this day forward.

To quickly identify Uncategorized transactions, open up the “Category Ledger” report, and select “000 Uncategorized”.  You’ll get a listing of all transactions for your account/date criteria presented to you.  No more searching!

There’s more!  Want to zoom in and edit that transaction on the spot?  Just click the amount in the income or expense column (in the red box within the screenshot above) and the system will open a new tab in your browser with the transaction edit screen.  You can make adjustments without even leaving the report.  When done making your adjustment, just close the tab to go back to the report.  To refresh the contents of the report, right-click on the page and choose refresh frame or reload frame (depending on your browser), or just close and re-open the report.  We will be slowly introducing this same behavior into other ledger based reports in the future too.