Rentec Direct Media Roundup Podcasts Articles Summer 2020

The opportunity to share experience and ideas is one of the most rewarding aspects of working with the property management rental industry. Often, Nathan Miller, Rentec Direct’s president, gets asked by popular media outlets to weigh in with insights and rental trends. 

Nathan and the Rentec Direct team has had the privilege to contribute and share with industry leaders such as Forbes, Zillow, and In addition to full-length articles and podcasts, many news outlets continue to rely on Rentec Direct for quotes and data for their readership. 

Because Rentec Direct is committed to providing the best educational content and resources this round-up is dedicated to property managers, landlords, and renters. 


NARPM Radio: Virtual Inspections in a Virtual World
How do you conduct a virtual inspection? The National Association of Residential Property Managers dives into this topic with Nathan Miller on NARPM Radio. 

From Facebook Messenger to z-Inspector and many others, these types of inspections are important to do at least once a year. What’s important, and what will it cost? How do you introduce these to your non-tech savvy clients? Here are a few tips you need to consider when doing a virtual inspection, along with recommendations for tools to use!

Listen to Nathan Miller on NARPM Radio

IREM: From the Front Lines
This Institute of Real Estate Management podcast multifamily operations podcast with Nathan Miller of Rentec Direct discusses how multifamily managers have modified operations due to the pandemic and shares statistics on rent payments since the pandemic began.

Listen to Nathan Miller on the IREM From the Front Lines Podcast on Spotify or Apple iTunes


GeekEstate | The Rising Importance of Technology for Renters
Given the current state of the world, and the fact that a higher percentage of the population is working from home than ever before, people are quickly realizing the need for efficient and effective technology.

BiggerPockets | Tenant Turnover in COVID Times: Real Estate Experts Weigh in on How to Adapt
Housing is a fundamental human need. People need a roof over their heads. Even as many industries ground to a halt during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, real estate continued its tentative march forward—partially because of this basic truth. Under this umbrella, the rental market has continued to function and adapt to the situation at hand to provide housing to the nation’s renter population.

BiggerPockets | What Landlords Need to Know About Squatter’s Rights
Throughout history, laws have been in place to protect the ownership of property rights. It seems straightforward—if you purchase a property, then you own the rights and the only tenants allowed to live in the property are ones you authorize to do so. Oddly, this is not the case.

Forbes | Rental Market Predictions: How Landlords Can Prepare For Success Amid Crisis
The extent of the fallout from the global pandemic is yet to be realized, but repercussions are affecting all industries and sectors. Industries have been forced to adapt, and the rental space is no exception. | Environmentally-Friendly Rentals: What to Expect
How to tell if your rental really is environmentally-friendly. Research across the board shows that people are placing increasing importance on sustainability and the environment in all aspects of their lives — and that includes housing. | What Should Stay and What Should Go Post-Pandemic
Some of the ways real estate pros have adapted during the COVID-10 era will stay with the industry for the long term. | Fostering Equality in the Real Estate Industry
Six action steps you can take to start practicing inclusion and making positive changes toward eliminating discrimination. | A Renter’s Guide to Emotional Support Animals
Many landlords and property managers have concerns about their tenants owning pets, and chances are, you’ve come across some strict pet policies in your time as a renter. But what if your four-legged friend is more than a pet, and also serves as your emotional support animal?

RISMedia’s Housecall | 4 Summer Home Tasks You May Have Forgotten to Add to Your To-Do List
Seasonal home maintenance is crucial to keeping your property in good shape and avoiding things like moisture damage that may have occurred during the winter months. As you cross items off your summer maintenance checklist this year, be sure to add these key tasks that may not have crossed your mind.

RealtyTimes | Times of Crisis: Health, Safety, Housing, and Real Estate Resources
On top of the routine property management tasks, a landlord’s new paradigm adds the heavy burden of balancing renter housing concerns, personal and investment stability, and health and safety for all parties. Whether it be a national emergency, a natural disaster, or a global crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, the best course of action is to lean on the experts and agencies built to help in times of uncertainty.


New York Times | As Evictions Loom, Lawyers Are Gearing Up to Help
With a federal moratorium coming to an end, legal aid lawyers say they are preparing to defend renters in housing court.

New York Times | U.S. Orders Eviction Moratorium for Most Through Year’s End
The C.D.C. action cited the coronavirus risk if tenants are forced into shelters or other crowded quarters. It did not lift their rent obligation.

Sacramento Business Journal | Report: More Than One in Five Apartment Residents Late on Rent

Zillow | Zillow Market Pulse: September 2, 2020

RealtyTimes | Property Management Experts From Rentec Direct Publish the Ultimate State Guide on Coronavirus Information