rentec_qb_syncUpdate: July, 2017

QuickBooks now includes QuickBooks Online which many businesses are transitioning to.  In order to be equally compatible with both old QuickBooks desktop and the new QuickBooks online, we’ve updated our export tools to make every ledger and every report compatible with every version of QuickBooks.  In order to transfer your data to QuickBooks, instead of using the sync utility, simply export your ledgers and/or any reports to CSV format, and import into QuickBooks.

More information is available on our knowledgebase here: Download Data From Rentec Then Import Into QuickBooks


We’re pleased to announce the availability of the new QuickBooks® Sync Utility for Rentec Direct.  Now, with just a single click you can:

  • Copy all financial transactions from Rentec Direct into QuickBooks®.
  • Provide your accountant with a commonly recognizable formatted document to prepare your taxes or send 1099s.
  • Copy all rental income and any other tenant payments into QuickBooks®.
  • Copy all property income and expenses into QuickBooks®.
  • Copy over all owner disbursements into QuickBooks®.
  • Copy over all property management payments (when you pay yourself) into QuickBooks®.
  • Access all financial based reports in QuickBooks® based upon your data within Rentec Direct.
  • Optionally customize reports in QuickBooks® to display the data retrieved from Rentec in all possible reports formats.

This utility is going to be a premium add-on feature in the future; however, right now until the end of July we’re including it free for anyone with a Rentec Pro or PM subscription plan.  After which the QuickBooks® Sync will be priced at a flat rate of $50/mo.

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