Overworked office worker cry and whine like a child at work.

When you take a look at successful real estate investors or successful people in general there are always some common factors, one of the most predominate commonalities is their attitude.  Having tenacity and a positive “can do” attitude is a huge driving factor in being successful. Those people who never quite get there generally lack the attitude needed.

People who “win” in life are not the victims and whiners of the world. They don’t make excuses for why they are not succeeding they take the appropriate steps to make sure that they are successful in whatever they do. Those of us who are wrapped up in the reasons and excuses as to why we were never able to make it big or are lacking success in our life won’t achieve the goals and dreams we have set forth.

Sometimes it’s appropriate to whine or vent a little, acting like everything is perfect when it clearly isn’t can lead to complacency in its own way. Ignoring the problem for instance will obviously not make the problem go away. You have to face your problems head on and come up with solutions. It’s important that when you do come across stumbling blocks, and you will, that you learn from the hardships and keep moving forward. I could tell some of my own whine worthy stories of several problem tenants, rehabbing projects that went way over budget, mystery leaks in roofs, and surviving real estate market crashes. These horror stories all taught me very valuable lessons indeed but I didn’t get stuck or wallow in my own self pity. The sooner we can deal with the problem and turn things around the better off and more successful we all will be.

Great real estate deals don’t come around or stick around long so it’s important to be proactive, act decisively, and quickly. Those who procrastinate end up whining about the should have/would haves and rarely are able to land a great deal. In life and in real estate attitude plays a huge role in success and overall happiness. So my advice is to choose happiness, take the high road, and reap your rewards.