Rentec Direct is pleased to announce the renter portal.  Just like landlords and property managers can login to view account details, balances, etc; you can offer similar functionality to your tenants.

tenant_summaryTenants can login using their own username and password and view limited details about their account.  This reduced screenshot shows the summary screen that a tenant who is Overdue would see.  A paid up account would see their next payment due date, and the amount due.

Additionally tenants can review their statement, and make minor setting changes, such as email address updates, and email receipt preferences.

To use this feature, login and edit the tenant you wish to have access and check ‘Enable’ on Tenant Portal.  Be sure you have an email filled in for the tenant as this will be their username, and the password will be their password for accessing the portal.  If you leave the password blank, the system will automatically generate a random password for you.


Tenants access the portal by visiting and clicking Login, or directly by going to

In the future, for landlords who have merchant services or electronic draft enabled for their tenants, tenants will be able to make rent payments directly from this interface.