With Rentec Direct’s property management software your tenants can instantly pay there rent online. Within the tenant payment screen it’s easy and convenient to post an ACH payment. You’ll be presented with fields to enter the routing and account number of your tenant’s checking account (this is pre-filled if the tenant is already setup for EasyPay).

tenant_ach.jpg (352×169)

From there it is as simple as entering the payment amount and having it instantly deducted from your tenants checking account and deposited into (your) the  property owners account. It’s easy to track your transactions in the tenant’s ledger as well as the “complete EasyPay report” within the reporting tab.  Rentec’s EasyPay payment feature includes email or text notifications if the tenant turns off or edits there EasyPay settings as well as the option to pay with a credit card. With Rentec paying rent has never been easier, we try and give every option available to tenants to ensure that rent payments are received.

Below is a tutorial video on how to manage your ACH accounts.