Firefox and Safari users may never have seen this issue, but Internet Explorer issues have often missed something when printing their reports.  IE often chops off the right hand side of the report when printing to some printers.  We had earlier anticipated that IE might correct the issue with the print jobs; however, we waited and waited and nothing came.  We’ve taken measures into our own hands to fix the issue and also make the print engine more flexible.

You’ll notice when you pull up any report preview now that the print button opens a new window instead of sending directly to the printer.  This follows common practice used by online applications such as mapquest and google maps when printing directions.  This allows for a couple things.

  1. We can assign new styling just to the print job so when printing it does not include the border and a few other elements designed for the preview.
  2. We can assign custom font sizes to your print jobs so you can define the size of the print.  Just visit Settings, then Program Defaults, and set the font size to your preference.  The default is 12px; however, a lot of users are opting to bump this up to 14px for easier readability on paper.