statement_exampleWe released invoice printing some time back and we’ve had a significant influx of customer requests for a more expanded option.  What all the requests boiled down to was a statement print job was necessary for many landlords and property managers.

We’ve just completed the beta rollout of a statement print job.  Because of the compexity of a statement, we’re going to leave this feature in beta for a period of time and request your feedback.  It has gone through extensive testing, but as every landlord manages their properties a bit different we want to make sure it works for everyone before we release it out of beta.

Please try it out.  To print a statement, click the Tenants tab, then right-click on a tenant.  You will be presented with the following menu.  Choose Print Statement.

right click statement selection

You will be prompted with some options to define the dates for which you want to produce the statement.  Choose your begin and end dates and select the options you wish to present on the statement, then choose Create Statement.  You will be presented with the report preview for the new statement.  Click the printer icon to print if you wish.

Please report any feedback to  Thank you.