We’ve added some great new search tools to Rentec Direct to help you quickly navigate the interface.  At the top of the Tenants and Properties tabs you’ll now find a Search bar.  Begin typing into the bar and the system will automatically narrow down the list of tenants or properties based on your search.  It’s a huge timesaver.


Try these timesaving tips:

  1. Posting rent for a tenant?  Click the tenants tab, type in the first few letters of their first or last name and the interface will immediately narrow down the list to just those that match.  Now just click the green dollar sign to post the payment.
  2. Posting an expense to a property?  Click the properties tab, type in any part of the address to narrow down the list to just that property and post the expense by clicking the red dollar sign.

We would also like to at this time share a tip with our users.  Since Rentec Direct uses some of the latest, greatest, web technologies such as video and AJAX; we have found, and so many of our users have confirmed, that both Firefox and Chrome web browsers work much better than Internet Explorer and both are completely free.  Click the links to go directly to their home pages.  Firefox is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular browsers and is both very fast and very safe.  Chrome is created by Google and is blazing fast.  You also get some great modern features in these browsers that Internet Explorer doesn’t offer.  One for instance is the automatic highlighting of your search terms when searching.