Another popular request that our dev team just completed is for the ability for landlords/property managers to maintain a list of popular or frequently used vendors within Rentec Direct.  Think of it as your property management address book and it doesn’t have to be only for vendors.  It’s easier than ever to create workorders now because within each new or existing workorder is a dropdown of all configured vendors.

To use this new feature, visit the Settings tab, and select Setup Vendors.  Enter the necessary information, save, and then the next workorder you enter you can simply select the vendor from the dropdown menu instead of typing in the info each time.  Upon selection, the vital contact information for the vendor selected immediately pops up below your selection so you have a number to call and schedule the repair.  No more flipping through the rolodex!

assign vendorThis is a time saving feature, as well as a record keeping improvement available to all Rentec Pro users.