rtclickWe’ve improved the navigation system of Rentec Direct!

Many updates to the system go without an announcement; however, for this upgrade we felt it important to notify you that there’s some changes on ways to navigate around your tenants and properties. This update could change how you use the application.

Keep an eye out for the following icons. They will assist you in navigation.

document_into_red16 The green document with the red arrow indicates a direct link. When you click on the line item which has this icon, you will be directly forwarded into the component with a single left-click. This is how the previous navigation system worked.

document_into16The document with a green arrow indicates new right-click functionality. Just like an application on your computer, it is often much quicker to have a menu within the application with common use features. When you see this green arrow document you can then right click anywhere on the line to bring up the menu of options. Some option which were embedded right into the page are now within the right click menu such as move-out tenant, and update lease.

Additionally some items which could only be found by clicking through the edit property or edit tenant screens are now directly accessible via the right click menu. This includes file libraries, workorders, and applications.

The same screen you previously were directed to when left clicking on a property or tenant is now available via right clicking the line and choosing the first option ‘Edit Property’ or ‘Edit Tenant’.

The document_into16 icon can also be left-clicked on to bring up the same menu.

These changes were made not only to improve the existing interface, but to also increase our ability to seamlessly add new features in the future.  We have a round of feature requests from Rentec users which will be entering the application soon, and this new menu system will give us a location to place these features without cluttering the main window.