You may have noticed the new right click interface within Rentec Direct, if not we posted about it here.  One of the primary goals of adding the right click interface was to be able to bring you new tools without cluttering the screen.

We’ve released our first set of new tools based on landlord requests.  Rentec Pro users can begin using these immediately.

pinvoicePrint Invoice – You can quickly print the most current rental invoice for any tenant by clicking the Tenants tab and right clicking the tenant, and choosing Print Invoice.

You can also print any historical tenant expense in invoice format by entering the accounting history for a tenant, selecting any charge, right clicking on the line item and selecting Print Invoice.  Invoices are generated in the same reports screen you are already used to.

Print Receipt – Additionally you can within the tenant accounting select any payment or credit made to a tenant, right click on it and select Print Receipt.  If you handle walk-in payments this is incredibly useful as you can post the payment into the system on the spot, and immediately print out a receipt for your tenant.


With the great added functionality of the latest web techniques like this new right click menu functionality, we plan to be able to implement many other feature requests from our users.  Keep them coming.