We are on a mission to not only provide the easiest to use property management software, but the fastest and most secure solution in the world!  The speed improvements announced Sep 22nd were just the beginning.  Last weekend our team was putting the finishing touches on our expansion project into 28 worldwide locations (check out the map at the bottom of the page).

What this means for you..

  • Faster software.  When you login to the software you will automatically be connected to the most local server.  So if you are in Washington state, you’ll be communicating with the Seattle servers.  Accessing it from Florida and you’ll be speaking to our Miami servers.  While you are vacationing in Australia, if you login to Rentec Direct you’ll be communicating with our Sydney servers.  The shorter the distance between your location and our servers means the quicker everything is going to load.
  • Additional redundancy.  With the global network of servers available, if one location were to suffer a technical problem or natural disaster, the data is automatically available from the next nearest location.  So no matter what, you’ll have access to your data even if the local node is having trouble.  With data distributed across 28 different data centers around the world, you have the security in knowing that no matter what you will have fast and secure access to your data.
  • World class security.  Along with the distribution of network data across the world, we’ve also further beefed up security to include some of the world’s most advanced firewalls.  These firewalls are updated by a dedicated team of security engineers who are looking out for security vulnerabilities as they happen.  Remember the shellshock bash bug reported a few weeks ago?  The security team managing the firewalls was one of the first to protect against that bug.  This world class protection is monitoring and protecting your data 24 x 7 x 365.

No other cloud based software solutions in this industry provide this level of redundancy or protection for their clients.  We take data security serious – you can count on it!

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Rentec Direct Worldwide Locations