After a brief delay in taking new merchant applicants, we are now again accepting EasyPay (with merchant account) applications.  We’ve updated our vendor for merchant accounts to a vendor very familiar with the property management industry.  This amounts to lower per-transaction costs, and a more stable platform for property managers.  Along with ACH, you can also accept payments by credit card for both rent and rental application payments.

The cost structure has also been simplified and per-transaction costs reduced.  Here’s a sample of what the cost structure looks like:

Monthly: $19.95
ACH Per Transaction: $0.75
CC Per Transaction: $0.10 + 2.5%

With your own merchant account, ACH payments fund to your account in 4 business days, while CC transactions are even sooner.  Compared to a traditional EasyPay account, this can be as much as 10 business days sooner.

To get setup with your own merchant account, login, then visit Settings, Setup EasyPay.  Download the application, and return all the supporting documents as explained on Page 3.