Vacancy RatesSuccessfully marketing a vacant rental property means less stress and more money for property managers trying to lower their vacancy rates and increase rental income.  Property vacancies are one the biggest costs associated with owning rental properties.   Finding long-term, quality tenants is the best way for property managers to improve their rental business.

Research indicates online sources as the number one place for current renters to find available properties.  Using traditional methods of manually creating vacancy ads for each relevant rental listing site takes countless hours. Avoid the headache of re-creating the same ad over and over again for each site by using the marketing features built directly into your property management software.

Rentec Direct users can save valuable time by advertising vacant rental properties through an expansive rental listing syndication network.  Create one marketing profile for each of your properties with details and pictures that will get published to the most popular and frequently used real-estate rental listing websites.

This efficient marketing feature in your property management software will not only help you fill your vacancies, increasing your rental income, but you’ll reach a larger pool of applicants so you can select the most qualified tenant for your property.

Creating a reusable marketing profile for your rental property is as simple as right-clicking on the property name under the properties tab in your account with Rentec Direct and selecting “Marketing Info” from the drop down menu.

Rental Property Marketing


Enter compelling details about your property–the program gives you a space to list appliances and features and write an irresistible description.  Remember to highlight  desirable rental property features and to not be misleading.  An honest property listing ad means you will not waste time showing the unit to prospects who think they are getting a different unit than what is available.   

Rental Property Marketing

You are able to upload pictures of the property here as well.  Once uploaded, you can arrange the display order and select the featured image by right-clicking on the images.  Using quality photos is one of the best ways to market your rental property and fill vacancies faster.

To advertise your listing check the box next to the “Online Listing” option. This will post the property to your listing website and the syndicated sites.  so you’ll only want to check the box if your property is vacant.  If you also want the potential tenant to be able to fill out an online rental application, check the box next to the “Online Applications” option.  Further instructions for setting up your rental applications can be found here.

Rental Property Listing

After completing the property profile and selecting your desired settings in this window you can  “Save Property Profile” and post your listing.

Your beautifully created property profile can be used in Rentec Direct’s software to post to our rental listing syndication network or you can use the unique URL created Rentec Direct provides for each property to manually post listings.  The website links on the right-hand side of the Marketing Info window look like “”.  This URL will be the specific URL to this property.  Rentec Direct also offers an “All Listings Website” for all your available properties to use as a link on your own website or to provide to your potential tenants.

Below is an example of what a listing would look like on your own unique website…

Best Rental Property Ad

Since Craigslist does not allow automatic syndication for rental listings, Rentec Direct offers a tool to make great looking Craigslist ads to use for manually creating Craiglist’s rental ads.  Learn more about posting ads to Craiglist with Rentec Direct here.  

You only need to create one marketing profile one time and activate it or de-activate as needed when the property is filled or becomes vacant again.

Saving time by creating searchable rental listing directly from your property management software that automatically gets published a large list of online rental listing websites will help you maximize your productivity.  To learn more about using Rentec Direct’s built in rental property marketing features visit the Knowledge Base and select Marketing articles.

To go beyond your property management software, check out these extra tips from Rentec Direct’s Blog for improving your vacancy rates and renting your properties faster.