Firefox_Sync_logoBank Synchronization is a highly sought after feature for property management software and Rentec Direct incorporated into their software in 2013.  So, like other accounting software such as Quickbooks or Quicken bank transactions can be downloaded into Rentec’s database. Many banks support “Direct Connect” which completely automates the process. Rentec’s sophisticated software does all the encryption of the data and connection to your bank of choice. For those banks that don’t support “Direct connect” there are still ways to sync your information, it’s fairly easy to import a QFX or OFX file and get your data that way.

To use the bank synchronization feature, simply edit your bank account, click on your bank from the list, and select enable the service.  From there go to the Accounts tab, right-click on the account and click “Sync w/ Bank”.  If you’re having trouble getting through the process click “need help” in the upper-right hand corner and search for “bank sync” and get step-by-step guidance.

If you’re more of a visual learner there’s a demonstration video of the bank account synchronization feature.  This gives an overview of the feature and how easy and useful it truly is. This feature is available to all Rentec Pro and PM users. If you’re not currently using the bank synchronization feature I encourage you to give it a try it’s convenient and easy to use.