2019 Tech Mastery Scholarship Winners

Rentec Direct is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 Rentec Direct Tech Mastery Scholarship.

The Tech Mastery Scholarship program from Rentec Direct provides assistance to undergraduate and graduate students by helping them achieve their academic dreams and future goals in technology.

“Technology is constantly changing and adapting thanks to new ideas and innovations from the fresh minds of the industry,” says Nathan Miller, president of Rentec Direct. “It’s especially exciting to see how those studying computer science and technology will impact our future.”

“As an internet-based organization, Rentec Direct is directly influenced by changing technology. We want to support future technology influencers and we found one of the best ways to do this is to encourage academic achievement through a scholarship program,” explains Miller.


What are some of the greatest obstacles the tech industry has overcome in the past five years and what, if any, major obstacles do you foresee for the industry in the future?

Essays were judged on the level of creativity, humor, and content.

“We had a lot of worthy applicant’s this year,” says Miller. “It’s exciting to see so many young minds committed to the industry through academics and extracurricular activities. The scholarship committee had their work cut out for them selecting the recipients for the 2019 awards.”


Click on the links under each recipient’s bio to see what they had to to say about the obstacles in technology.

Carson Saldanha, The University of Texas at Austin

Carson Saldanha will be a freshman at The University of Texas at Austin in the fall and plans to major in Computer Science. Carson’s aspiration is to be a software engineer at Google—helping design Android for the next billion users—or enter into a career in artificial intelligence.

Carson is already familiar with basic Java, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. CSS. He is passionate about technology and has demonstrated this interest by starting his own tech blog, interning at a local software company, and participating in UT Austin’s summer engineering program.

Click here to read Carson’s award-winning essay on The Seamless Relationship Between Humans and Artificial Intelligence

Joy Taylor, Western Illinois University

Joy Taylor 2019 Tech Mastery ScholarshipJoy Taylor will be a freshman at Western Illinois University in the fall with plans to major in Computer Science. One day, Joy hopes to be a Software Engineer who works on data for data visualization.

Joy’s initial start in her technology education includes web development, object-oriented programming, cyber-security, and app development. Joy is involved with Girls Who Code, where she writes lesson plans and leads project groups to help others learn the fundamentals of coding.

Click here to read Joy’s award-winning essay, Take a Chance on Tech

Luis Soto, Northeastern University

Luis SotoLuis Soto will be a freshman at Northeastern University in the fall, with plans to study Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Beyond classroom learning of Java, Luis has taught himself other computer languages like JavaScript, C, and C#.

Luis hopes to study how to use machine learning to improve cyber security and one-day dreams of being a CTO.

Click here to read Luis’s award-winning essay on cyber security, Open the Pod Bay Doors HAL 

Nikki Chakravarthy, The University of Chicago

Nikki ChakravarthyNikki Chakravarthy will be a freshman at The University of Chicago in the fall, where she will be majoring in Computer Science. In the future, Nikki dreams of a career in data analytics.

Nikki has designed games and stories on Scratch and taught herself HTML/CSS through Code Academy. Nikki is on the board of GirlsCode, where she teaches students Python. Nikki has worked also with Computation Institute and will continue to work with UChicago’s Center for Data and Applied Computing during the summer.

Click here to read Nikki’s award-winning essay on The Balance Between Product Enhancement and Consumer Demand


Rentec Direct introduced the Tech Mastery Scholarship in 2016 for students pursuing an education in computer science or technology.

The next deadline for the Tech Mastery Scholarship is April 15, 2020.

About the Rentec Direct Tech Mastery Scholarship

Rentec Direct will offer up to four $500.00 scholarships per year to outstanding college students pursuing an education in Computer Science, software development or other closely related fields of study.  For more information about eligibility, requirements, and upcoming deadlines visit Rentec Direct’s Tech Mastery Scholarship page.